The Divine Womb transmission invokes the self-less presence of love embodied through the Mother principle of the Holy Sophia as the awakening current of liberation from delusion and fundamental ignorance of the true nature of reality, bringing healing to all aspects of conditioned consciousness and the energy system related to those experiences rooted within the womb, sexuality and gender. Specifically designed with the intention of opening the tantric flow of sacred or divine union, as this transmission is received – specific pathways are thereby activated through the neural and endocrine systems, marrying the love liquid and living light flow-forms of the creative or sexual current as these move through the core vortice or gateways held within the brain, heart and sacral centres.

Releasing the imprint of cellular stored trauma associated with the experience of child-birth, and the subsequent experience of separation from the unconditional safety, holding, nurturance and support of the womb, as well as trauma associated with the experience of a lack of this holding during child-hood, or a sense of over-protectiveness/possessiveness and the absence of freedom being associated with holding, support and love. Going on to release trauma associated with the maturation of sexual expression through puberty and how this was received and/or rejected, thereby serving to formulate the basis for how intimacy, union, sexuality, holding, support, openness, vulnerability, safety and authenticity in relationship with others and the world is directly experienced.

So this transmission supports the release of the core patterns of identity/separation consciousness, developed through the experience of being held within the womb and/or having held a child within the womb. The experience of child-birth in terms of having been birthed or having given birth, those patterns of pain, grief, shame, loss and anger which may be rooted within the experience of abortion, miscarriage, sexual abuse or rape, and the experience(s) of child-hood in relation to holding, support and love – experienced through parental-child dynamics and the core-relational bonds between all members of the family as a whole.

All of which based within deeper karmic habitual tendencies then go on to formulate gender based identities/roles and patterns of behaviour within regards to inter-action with the masculine/feminine. The maturation and development of sexuality through puberty and into early adult-hood and how this may have resulted within further forms of identity based within body-image, shame, guilt, acceptance, love, and the sense of being held and supported within the expression of ones sexuality. Not only in terms of how this expresses itself through sexual and/or platonic relationship with the same and/or opposite gender but also in terms of the depth of connection which is held with all of life.

For the true power of the womb, the true power of the mother, the true power of tantra is to be found firmly rooted within an open hearted intimacy with all of life. An intimacy so close as to be described as indivisible, within which the perceived subject/object relationship dissolves itself and there is simply a complete openness and holding without boundaries, complete freedom and complete support.