Divine Truth

The Divine Truth transmission offers you the Divine Illumination and awakening of the core pattern of identity from which you operate, supporting the radical transformation of how it is you perceive life, yourself or other by breaking down the conceptual structures of belief that you may hold about the world and thereby opening you to clearly perceive and directly experience the truth of what is – reality.

This then is a continually evolving focus of development as you open to realise that there is no point of arrival, no limit to the vastness of your eternal nature and so that which this transmission offers is continuously supporting the dissolution of the boundaries or parameters of what have been defined as your limits, what you have defined as your identity, what you have defined as some seeming point of arrival within space and time. It is revealing that there is no were to arrive at, for all is already here and simultaneously to that revealing the limitlessness of what is here, revealing the illusion of any apparent conceptual point of arrival.

This then is the Mystery of the indivisible union of emptiness and radiance, a living revelation of Divinity afresh in each moment – for there in only ever now – Divinity is not that which was arrived at in any past pattern of experience and it is not that which will be arrived at in any conceptual future, it is only ever here now, alive and fresh, timeless, unborn and undying.

To experience this transmission is thereby to encounter the boundless revelation of Divinity alive within this and each moment, as there is no-where to go within order to discover this already it exists within this very moment – arising here as all of life. It is to open to the invitation to give up all seeking born through the story of apparent separation, all that which perpetuates the cycle of this story through a seeming search to somehow fix the story, to fix the character that one believes oneself to be within the story, so that then somehow one can be a better character or a character who somehow has a better story, its focus is rather upon whole liberation from any character structure or story and within the space of that awakening to the truth of reality.