Divine Play

The Divine Play transmission offers the opening of a passageway of direct communion with the Source Intelligence which expresses through life as freedom’s play – that is to say the boundless potential of the spontaneous arising of Divine Intention responding to all of life/its own being within each and every moment as ‘right action’. Through opening to receive this transmission what is invited to emerge thereby is a deep alignment of consciousness with freedom and truth, what is invited to emerge is the directly lived experience and understanding of the true nature of freedom – as freedom is understood to be the expression of the non-conditioned natural state of being.

In receiving this transmission what is brought into a focus of resolution thereby is the core-essence of what it may be that you may be trying to control, manipulate, resist or avoid, what it is that you may fear changing and/or never changing, and what it is that you may carry as the deepest focus of fear within relationship to your own unique assumptions of what the future may bring – based upon the patterns of your prior experience(s). So you come to embrace your fear of the unknown, your fear of what you assume lays ahead of you within an imagined future that has not as yet been experienced, you come to lay down the past and all of the assumptions that have been made based upon your prior experience, and you open to recognise that in truth this is the only moment you truly ever directly know.

To directly experience this transmission is thereby to metaphorically speaking “die” through the unknown – to embrace the boundless Mystery of life and to directly awaken through that Mystery to the only thing that can truly directly be known – simply what IS.