Divine Heart

The purpose of the Divine Heart transmission is to support you to recognise love as the fundamental nature of all of existence, not simply as a mental conceptualisation of this but rather as a wholly lived experience and to supports the complete dissolution of every form of identification with a false-perception of reality within which love is seen to not-exist or that it is seen to exist based solely upon a conditional set of circumstances that demands you, the world or any other person act within a certain way and thereby determines that there is some kind of fault with yourself, the world or any other person that requires to be fixed in order that love can be experienced, shared or given.

As you receive each of the enlightened keys held through all of that which is offered via this transmission you will thereby be supported to clear the key energetic blockages, patterns of conditioning, karmic tendencies, beliefs and unresolved memories contained within your incarnational lineage and that you have inherited as packets of genetic pre-disposition through your ancestry that relate to what-so-ever veils the essence of self-less loving kindness, forgiveness and compassion being experienced by you as the natural expression of your true nature. Divine truth, clarity and understanding free from any conceptual structure, judgment or fixed point of view will be transmitted directly into the core of where-so-ever it may be that you hold the patterns of justification for keeping your heart closed or cling onto pain, grief, sorrow and hurt as a reason for not opening your heart to receive and give love, let go and forgive.

As through the infusion of this stream of Divine Truth illuminating your consciousness you will be supported to clearly see and awaken from out of all of the ways in which you separate yourself from and sacrifice love, within order to feel safe, protect yourself and avoid what you may see as the potential of rejection, or where it is through a deep genuine desire for love and acceptance you fundamentally speaking abandon or reject your own-self and endeavour to conform to an image of what you have learnt to perceive is lovable as you believe your own inherent natural authentic expression to somehow be defective, flawed or unlovable and so you begin to wear the mask of this is how God, the world, society, my family, friends, partner, etc – wish me to appear in order that I can be loved – as the reflection of this could be said to be all of the ways in which you have defined this is how God, the world, society, my family, friends, partner, etc – have to act, look and be within order that I can open my heart to them or so that I can give and receive love within relationship to them.

To directly experience this transmission is to awaken from out of the dream of separation, within which it is perceived that love does not exist or where it is perceived that there is some aspect of life within which love cannot exist or flow. It is to awaken from out of all those past patterns of experience which may have been perceived as loveless and it is to awaken from out of all which may have generated itself from out of the belief within the existence of that perceptually loveless place. It is to come to understand, directly experience and unquestionably know love as the fundamental essence of all that is – beyond any conceptual or imagined ideology – but rather as simply the self-evident, effortless, natural state of being.