Divine Flow

The Divine Flow transmissions directly invoke the compassionate loving wisdom, power and presence of the Divine Mother within order to bring healing to the core pattern of unresolved memory held through your incarnational lineage within relationship to loss of innocence or what is otherwise termed as original sin – seen through the archetypal story of the fall from grace or expulsion from the Garden of Eden/Paradise.

As each of the frequencies held through this transmission are received – we will enter thereby into the gentle and open examination of the underlying images of rejection or abandonment by God held through this story and the subsequent sense of shame or guilt that is associated with this form of rejection through which you may blame yourself in some way as an explanation as to why God has perceptually speaking cast you out or turned away from you – leading you to doubt within your own inherent non-conceptual goodness and to mistrust within the existence of love or to formulate a positionality of self-loathing or deep underlying often unconsciously held hatred toward God – then ultimately manifesting as denial – in terms of denying the existence of God or of love within order to create some form of psychological defence to feeling the deeper pain of the abandonment, rejection and perceived separation.

There are seven aspects to this transmission, which when received in a specific sequence – offer the full frequency spectrum of what is held through Divine Flow for the awakening and activation of the heart center, aligning consciousness and the entire subtle energetic system within the harmonic signature key of original innocence – original innocence meaning the non-conditioned pure natural state of reality as it truly is.

The Original Separation

The Original Separation is a story that is experienced within the collective psyche of humanity as a feeling of pure terror or annihilation within relationship to being cast out, rejected, banished or perceptually falling from grace and can be interpreted or seen as the ultimate form of punishment – through the absolute with-drawl of love and expulsion from paradise due to some kind of action which can never be forgiven – thereby creating a sense of forever being unworthy or intrinsically flawed within someway. As it is this feeling of absolute rejection or of forever being separated from the Divine, is what fundamentally serves as the basis of what is created within the psyche as a deep mistrust of love, an image of the self as somehow being unlovable or alternately as a whole variety of mechanisms designed to manipulate and seduce in order that love is not lost and so the potential of experiencing rejection or abandonment once again can be avoided.

As this core pattern of unresolved memory is met through the focus of each of the frequencies held through this transmission we will thereby uncover the primary threads of this story which carry themselves through fear of abandonment, rejection, manipulation and control. The way in which the threat of rejection or abandonment may be utilised to manipulate and control, the way in which manipulation and control may be utilised to avoid rejection or abandonment and the subtle sense that it is required that you allow for or play the game of manipulation and control within order to maintain love, which links to child-hood experiences of the sense of being obedient/controlled by your parents within order to ensure their love or originally the sense of being obedient towards God and the notion or idea that your dis-obedience will result in punishment or rejection – leading to the assumption that you can either have love and be controlled thereby sacrificing your inherent freedom or that you can have your freedom but within order to do so you must sacrifice love.

What is held at the root of this transmission is thereby the absolute unquestionable revelation of the freedom of love that is to be found within total surrender to the Divine reality of the present moment – through the willingness to meet what is here without needing to manipulate or control it in order that it fit with a pre-conceived image of how it is imagined it should appear – then authenticity can arise as you are no longer trying to be anyone or anything.

The Original Shame

The Original Shame is a story that is experienced within the collective psyche of humanity as the crushing weight of pure despair and irreparable damage, a feeling of unforgivable error, which creates an inescapable depression and image of a wound or hurt which can never be healed or brought into resolution. It is the great hidden secret that is carried as the unspoken burden by each one of us within relationship to the sense that we have done something so inherently wicked that is beyond forgiveness or any hope of repair and that at some point whenever this secret is discovered it will be used against us within the worst imaginable fashion in order to strip us of our joy, block us from our happiness and forever imprison us within isolation or separation from love or Divinity. As a collective this is fundamentally speaking then why we have not trusted within life, due to the belief that somehow life is out to get us or to trip us up – in order to discover and make evident this ‘inherent flaw’ and to use it against us.

For many this is experienced thereby as their deepest or most painful pattern of unresolved memory, as that which they are either constantly trying to hide from themselves or the world or as that which they may find themselves within a seemingly endless quest to fix or bring resolution unto. The sense of hopelessness that permeates these attempts to either conceal or fix – filling the psyche with dread and despair – through the ever-present threat of discovery and the apparent consequences of this or the seeming inability to ever alter, change or fix what is seen as being unforgiveable – meaning that essentially speaking you are ‘doomed’ and it is only a matter of time before you are found out – so life becomes simply a dance of trying to avoid, put off or delay the inevitable, which is seen ultimately as pain, destruction of happiness, hurt, desolation and abandonment – often this being coupled with a sense of guilt – as the original shame seems to suggest that this inevitable fate is somehow deserved.

What is held at the root of this transmission is thereby the invitation to honestly inquire into the core of this original shame, to meet it and discover for your own self the truth of what you are – free from any story, concept or pattern of belief – it is the invitation to give up your attempt to alter, change or fix this shame from a place of mental endeavour or to conceal it and to simply be present with it – within the unconditional embrace of compassionate wisdom and pristine clarity – then true healing and resolution can arise.

The Original Doubt

The Original Doubt is a story that is experienced within the collective psyche of humanity as a deep mistrust of Divinity and of the existence of love as well as the inherent natural goodness of life, which arises from out of the experience of the Original Separation and the Original Shame as a questioning of our own true nature. The questions of – if my true nature is love and divinity then how could God have rejected or abandoned me, how could God have let this happen to me or if Divinity is supposedly all-loving, compassionate and wise then how could it allow the existence of so much pain and suffering? Leading to the assumption or apparent explanation that thereby Divinity cannot be all loving or good or that somehow it is you have done something so wicked that even the Divine is unable to forgive or to love you. As a consequence of these assumptions then resulting within the positionality of an apparent inability to trust anyone – for if Divinity is capable of rejecting and abandoning you, if it is capable of allowing such pain and suffering within the world how can it be trusted, if you have perceptually done something that creates you to be unlovable even within the eyes of Divinity how can you trust yourself and if others have also been rejected or abandoned by the Divine then they must also be inherently flawed or sin-filled so how is it possible for you to in anyway trust them?

From this space of mistrust or Original Doubt what is then often experienced is a deep lack of clarity, direction and purpose, a feeling of being unable to trust within guidance or a sense of being unable to fully be receptive to any form of support that is offered to you – due to the belief that it does not come from a totally loving place, that it is offered with an ulterior motive, that there is always some kind of price to pay for support or that what is seen to be offered as support is in fact designed to hurt you within some way. For born from out of the Original Doubt are to be found each of the voices which communicate that you will never succeed, that you are not enough, that you are somehow flawed, that no matter what you do it will never be recognised or that whatever happiness or joy you may be able to create for yourself others will always try to destroy it or take it away from you – for essentially the world is seen as an un-loving place.

What is held at the root of this transmission is thereby the invitation to consciously meet with your image of the world, life, yourself and humanity, to directly inquire into each of your beliefs about divinity, love, pain and suffering – so that there can be a stripping away of each of the projections through which you may view reality and a letting go of the conditioned view of how it is you perceive reality should be – ultimately opening to examine the belief within yourself as a separate egoic identity that is somehow removed from Divinity and to support you to awaken from out of the root cause of all suffering which is to be found within fundamental ignorance or non-recognition of your true nature.

The Original Hate

The Original Hate is a story that is experienced within the collective psyche of humanity as a deeply often denied self-loathing, repulsion or aversion born from out of the Original Separation, Shame and Doubt, each which ultimately give rise to an image of the self as unlovable. Resulting within a combination of three possible assumptions, states of being or belief – a deep-seated self-hatred, a fear, belief or experience that you are hated, or a hatred of the Divine, humanity, the world, life, an individual or organisation due to what you may perceive as their unfair treatment of you. As often it is we find these assumptions are accompanied by a under-lying sense of shame or guilt due to it being felt that it is somehow ‘wrong’ that we should feel something we may perceive as being ‘negative’, or that by feeling what we feel in terms of this hatred that we are somehow non-spiritual or unloving and that we are simply proving God right in terms of the belief that we are flawed and thereby deserving of rejection, abandonment and with-drawl of love. Then furthermore because this feeling of deep-hatred is often inter-twined with terror, violence, murderous intention and spite – it is commonly hidden behind a mask of ‘cultural’ shame, the belief that we are essentially speaking unlovable, deserving of the criticism and revulsion of others, beyond redemption and that no one can help us, we may fear punishment or retribution within relationship to holding a focus of hatred towards Divinity, life or another person, or we may feel deeply victimised through what we perceive as the undeserved hatred, scorn and revulsion of another that is projected onto us.

As this core pattern of unresolved memory is met through the focus of each of the frequencies held through this transmission we will thereby uncover the primary threads of this story which carry themselves through anger, rage, hatred and victimisation. The image of an angry, wrath-filled, vengeful God that has somehow turned his back upon the world, punished and condemned humanity to eternal torment due to their actions, the image of a cruel-world that we are simply victim to and entirely powerless within any-way to change, the image of a God that purposefully has rejected or abandoned us and that demands total obedience so we must simply suffer in silence and resign ourselves to our fate. The images surrounding powerlessness and victimisation in terms of seeing any external entity as controlling our lives and the inability to be free from this controlling influence, resulting within resentment and the sense of being trapped with a total lack of freedom and the terror of going against this perceptually external entity, of expressing our anger and hurt – due to the belief that we may be punished due to this, or how it is that we may see ourselves as ‘victims’ within life because we find ourselves unable to control life within order that it provide us with what we believe that it should.

What is held at the root of this transmission is thereby the invitation to transform the core-focus of hatred and victimisation into open-hearted compassionate embrace and wisdom. As the focus of hatred is discovered to simply be a deep aversion or resistance to meeting something – resulting in the desire to avoid, deny, escape or ultimately destroy it – due to the fear of what an actual authentic meeting would result within. So we come to understand hatred as a mask or defence against feeling the deeper fear of authentically meeting what we may feel we cannot face or embrace and therefore may interpret as having power over us, for it is perceived that if we meet what-so-ever this ‘something’ may be it will somehow harm, consume or destroy us. This understanding offering us the opportunity to step out of victimisation and hatred from the perspective of there being some kind of negative force that is more powerful than us and which seeks to control, harm or otherwise damage us and into an authentic meeting with our fear of being controlled, damaged, hurt or destroyed – as it is only through meeting this fear that ultimately we can let go of the mask of hatred and aversion and open into the depths of true intimacy with life – through the recognition of what cannot be controlled, damaged, hurt or destroyed – that being our true essential nature.

The Original Death

The Original Death is a story that is experienced within the collective psyche of humanity as a lifeless, empty purposelessness, a deep desire for self-annihilation or the destruction of other – born out of the intense pain and hopelessness of perceptual separation from and rejection by the Divine – leading to the assumption that the only manner in which this pain can be brought to an end is through death or the destruction of its cause. Within this story are to be found the voices of despair, desolation, intense over-whelming grief and a joyless vision of the future filled with hardship. Here is to be found the total loss of faith and trust, the absolute doubt that the circumstances of life can change or resolve themselves and result within the creation of fulfilment or joy. Here is to be found the voice of victimisation, anger/hatred, jealousy and shame – manifest through the witnessing of others within their joy and the question of why is it then that your own life does not offer the same level, quality or quantity of happiness, what is it that you do not have or possess which apparently these other people do, why is it that they are able to succeed where it is you see yourself as having failed and the assumption that thereby there must be something inherently wrong with you or that in some way the world is against you.

As this core pattern of unresolved memory is embraced through the focus of each of the frequencies held through this transmission we will enter thereby into a direct meeting with the energy and consciousness of death and associated turning away from life – for in a true meeting with this energy there becomes available the opportunity to discover that this wish for death within actuality conceals a deep desire for life, what is wished for is not an end to life – but rather an end to the illusionary image of life which has been held or believed to be reality and which serves as the seed-cause of your suffering. What can arise through an open and authentic meeting with this energy of purposelessness – rather than a collapse into taking the ‘story’ of hopelessness and futility to be true – is the opportunity for the complete re-evaluation of life and a rebirth into a new way of being, what can release is the sense of victimhood, anger and shame bound up with the sense of having failed at life and what can transmute into deep co-operation with the natural intelligence of life itself – is the endeavour to control, manipulate or force life to conform to an image of how it is perceived by you based within your conditioning/prior patterns of learnt experience that it should.

What is held at the root of this transmission is thereby the invitation to intimately enter into connection with the under-lying root pain that is trying to be avoided through the assumption that your only option is self-destruction or the destruction of who or what you perceive as being the cause of your pain. What is invited is the compassionate embrace of your feelings of futility, anger, frustration, hopelessness, despondency, guilt and shame within relationship to feeling yourself unable to control life to conform to how you believe it should appear. What is invited without any form of judgment is your embrace of the blame and resentment that you may feel within relationship to what you may see as the unfairness, cruelty or harshness of life. Then what can be relaxed out of is the image of your life as being broken, flawed or damaged within some way and all of the pressure that is created through the sense of you trying to make your life work in accordance with how your conditioning/self-image/ego-structure communicates to you that it should. What can be surrendered to, deeply recognised and directly experienced – is the divine perfection of the present moment – free from the conditioned concept of what we may perceive ‘perfection’ to be and so we can be deeply present with the gift of this moment – rather than in resistance.

The Original Denial

The Original Denial is a story that is experienced within the collective psyche of humanity as a deep and total avoidance of pain – born from out of the assumption that the only manner in which some specific aspect of trauma can be survived is to entirely deny its existence. Within this story are to be found all of the patterns of past unresolved memory which have been suppressed, hidden or otherwise ignored, here is to be found all that has been kept secret – due to the fear of what its discovery would result within and so subsequently also to be found here is all that has felt that it has gone un-recognised, un-heard and un-seen – all that has called for assistance and felt there to be no response – leading to the conclusion of the complete absence of love – or that love is powerless to help and that thereby there is no chance of healing or resolution taking place.

As this core pattern of unresolved memory is embraced through the focus of each of the frequencies held through this transmission we will enter thereby into a direct meeting with the energy and consciousness of denial, non-recognition and secrecy – unravelling the dynamic tension or struggle between the internal forces which seek to suppress or deny what is present and those which call for recognition of what is truly here. We will uncover the energy of what denies your true nature or denies what is here and thereby enters into dis-association from life, shuts down and enters into fantasy or avoidance as a means of defence. We will uncover all of the ways in which you may utilise denial of love as a defence against feeling your perceptual separation from love – for if love is denied or perceived to not exist then subsequently speaking there can be conceptually speaking no loss of love or separation from it and in this way the deeper felt pain of the actual sense of separation is avoided and so living in a perpetual state of ‘denied heart-break’ becomes simply a mechanism of avoiding heart-break from occurring once again. We will enter into intimate communion with what-so-ever it may be that you most deeply deny, defend, protect, ignore or suppress about yourself, life or the world, what-ever it may be that you most fear being revealed and yet simultaneously may feel the deepest pain around in terms of feeling it to have been ignored and so having assumed it must be buried, rejected or dis-associated from – furthering the sense within this aspect of your consciousness of the with-drawl of love and separation. As through this meeting we will discover thereby the absolute capacity of the heart to openly embrace all form, number and pattern of experiences – restoring the focus of our inherent faith within love and the Divine.

What is held at the root of this transmission is thereby the invitation to intimately enter into truth, to tell the truth of what is here, to be seen, acknowledged, compassionately held and received – what is offered is transformation, healing and awakening from out of disassociation with any aspect of life – so that you may truly embrace the freedom to be fully present here with the experience of each and every moment – whatever it may contain. What is offered here is the healing of your dis-association from the pain of your perceptual separation from love and your true nature – so that within the space of a genuine embrace of that pain it can be awakened from out of and you can discover for your-self what is always present here.