Divine Faith

The Divine Faith transmission invokes the living light intelligence, boundless compassionate wisdom, loving presence and power embodied through the lineage of the Holy Sophia, Shekinah, Mother Mary and the Magdalene as an invitation to open deeply in surrender to the truth, to open to the deepest longing, the deepest desire, the deepest wish of the heart, to rest in God, to come home to the realization of what is here as the very essence of life. Igniting the fire of devotion, devotion to what is real, devotion to what is true, igniting the power and focus of strength and discipline, the conviction and the absolute knowing that no matter what arises within life as the changing tide of circumstance there is a stead-fast-ness, a focus of remaining true to reality, true to the truth. Here is the essence of the capacity to remain true unto your-self, true to reality, and this stabilises you within the realization of your true nature, as well as supporting the capacity to dive deeper into the boundlessness of your essence. Here is the promise, whatever comes I will not move, and so here is the promise to meet all, unconditionally simply to be present here with what is, to not abandon yourself. Here is the promise of the unconditional acceptance of love that embraces all, that gives space for all to be, that gives space for all to come home to rest as the truth of what is.

Here you open into a discovery of resolution to the questions of, what is it that creates a movement out of alignment with this truth? What is it that is the primary issue or pattern of circumstance within life that has the tendency to create a seeming loss of connection to the truth of reality and causes the most deeply held reactive patterning based with conditioning, patterns of belief and conceptual views to arise? Where within life is it that seemingly you lose sight of the truth and begin to enter into a focus of disconnection from yourself and others? Where is it that you find it most challenging or difficult to directly experience the truth of your essence? Where is it within life that there is the greatest focus of resistance to the truth and attachment or allegiance to a particular story, belief system or view? Where is it that seemingly you get ‘stuck’ within your consciousness and somehow this obscures you from going deeper into the boundless discovery of what you truly are? What is it that seemingly prevents you from simply being here, from resting as you are, resting in the presence of God? Where is it that your devotion to the truth, your love of the truth, your faith within the truth is most deeply brought into question, where is it that your faith is questioned?

Here is the power of the Feminine Christ Presence embodied by the Magdalene, the power of devotion to truth, devotion to what is real, even within the space of those moments of feeling entirely disconnected, separate, closed off. Here is the full power of faith that even in the seemingly darkest moments the presence of God is here. Here is the mystery of the feminine Christ embodied through the crucifixion and the resurrection, that even in that moment where seemingly darkness has triumphed, seemingly the Beloved, the Christ has died, has abandoned you, that present is the promise of the Risen Christ.