In the timeless moment of transmission all dissolves into the ever-present stillness of direct revelation, the primordial heart essence of the indivisible union of void openness and sheer luminosity…

The Maha-Tantra of Creation, as the seed quintessence of realities true nature.

Each of the offerings found here contain an invitation to experience the essence of that revelation, to drink deeply of truth; they are an invitation to rest, to realize what lay beyond all strategies and movements of the mind, an invitation to come home to what you are. For through transmission we come to recognize what is always present as reality and in this way all forms of deluded perception regarding reality, who you believe yourself to be, others to be or what you perceive the world to be drop away, all forms of escapism, withdrawal or avoidance based within a position of separation unravel and you awaken to what is here – as boundless love, as reality, as truth, as what cannot be named, and yet is what you are.

When we speak of this love, what is being spoken of is essentially what is to be found at the core of all of life. Transmission offers the opportunity to touch upon, drink of and directly receive that love, to dissolve all perceptual barriers which obscure, limit or somehow obstruct your direct experience and capacity to feel and be open to it in every moment.

Unravelling the fundamental cause of human suffering which is to be found rooted in perceptual separation or dis-connection from this love, transmission provides a focus of support through which each of the pain-filled experiences of your past can be compassionately met, healed and resolved, dissolving the barriers and self-protective mechanisms that have been built up around your heart, in order that you may experience life with greater depth of intimacy and recognition of the inherent oneness that inter-connects all of existence.

The immediate and long-term benefits of this are innumerable as the direct transmission of this boundless love through all dimensions of your consciousness and subtle energetic system has the capacity to support the breaking down/awakening from out of the fundamental emotional identity or general sense of egoic-self you hold based upon the entirety of all of your incarnational history, your ancestry/genetic lineage, and current life experience. Opening you into a discovery of your true nature, free from all of this history and the associated belief patterns, and/or assumptions that you may hold about yourself, others and the world; opening you into the direct experience of reality as it truly is, and because it assists you to break with/awaken from out of your past in a real way, making you far more available to what is new, here and now.

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I highly recommend Aminya’s healing work. His transmissions are very powerful yet nurturing. He has a tremendous ability to sense into the root of any issue which makes his work quite profound and highly transformative.

A.R, Finland

In receiving the Divine Flow transmission layers of my deepest, most painful and avoided issues that heretofore seemed unreachable were finally able to surface and be acknowledged and liberated. This was a tremendous gift for me. And I now have a deeper and richer sense of being present – much more than I’d known before. For me the transmissions were vivid and palpable and exciting! All in all it feels like my entire system went through some sort of evolution that has left me with a deep quietude and a peace with myself and all that is. I am deeply grateful for Aminya’s service.

Sarah Canfield, Massachusetts, U.S.A

I had a very painful cyst. Aminya suggested sitting with it and seeing where it had manifested from. As I did, I began to sense deep sadness and grief. I began to intend for the transmission to heal it, as I did I felt a deep merging and lots of movement in my system. I noticed a blue light in the shape of a dolphin, I enquired to what it was. In the next moment Jesus’s face appeared and a soft white light emerged which became everywhere inside and out but there was no inside or outside. Jesus’s hands appeared and touched the cyst and brought out a white dove, as he released the dove ~ I came to a deep place of surrender. So beautiful it was.

By the next morning I woke up with no pain and the cyst has gone. I am not able to put into words what exactly I was being shown during this experience, but I now have a deeper knowing of and connection to the Divine love and beauty that is for ever present within me and I can feel Divinity arising much more than before. I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to receive these transmissions as they provide me with the opportunity to go much deeper within my mediation practice and hugely support me in bringing resolution to issues that I had previously found myself unable to.

Nicky Ledgerton