Group Healing Sessions

Aminya regularly offers group healing sessions that take the form of three day events with two sessions being offered each day for a total package of six sessions, which allows the healing to go very deep and to be integrated in a manner that is both ease and grace filled.

Although there is not the specific one-to-one sharing that is available through personal sessions that enable a healing to be uniquely tailored to your own needs, as well as the space to open into a great depth of personal exploration and discussion around the circumstances of your life, group healing sessions do provide an extremely powerful foundation and support from which to bring resolution to your issues and to move into greater realisation of true freedom, clarity, love, abundance, peace, and the development of your capacity to truly live a life that wholly expresses the fullness of your heart.

Group healing sessions are typically offered on the first and last weekends of each month, and cover a rich variety of subject matters – ranging from sexuality, family or inter-personal dynamics, co-dependency, guilt, shame, fear, and control/power issues, to spiritual and energetic development, awakening, grounding, embodiment, intimacy, and the deeper experience of your true nature, etc.

If you are new to healing and wishing to explore the potential it offers you to transform your life, or perhaps you already have a great depth of experience with healing and are feeling there is something you are wishing to explore and bring into resolution but are not drawn to a personal session at this time, a group healing may thereby offer you the perfect opportunity to step into and receive this. However if you feel that you would prefer or that you require a greater depth of personal one-to-one connection, in which we can specifically tailor a healing to your own unique needs and enter into a great depth of exploration around every facet of what may be arising for you in your life at this time – it may be that you are more drawn to book a personal one to one session.

Information regarding when group healing sessions are being offered can be found in the schedule section of the website and you can register to attend these via the payments page.