All healing begins with a desire for the alleviation of the experience of personal suffering or dis-ease and an opening into the directly lived experience of greater freedom, joy, love, prosperity and well-being.

Personal sessions with Aminya offer a space in which to find support for the fulfillment of that desire, a space in which to explore the profound beauty and depth of who you truly are and in which to let-go of all that has perceptually been holding you back from living your magnificence, your passion and joy within the world, so that you may discover your boundless capacity for richness, abundance, intimacy, connection and to step into what it is your heart truly wishes for.

Although no two healing sessions are ever exactly alike, it is common that following a session people often report they experience feeling deeply relaxed, have more energy, receive deep insight into how to move forwards in order to manifest their hearts passion, experience a sense of greater well-being and vitality, find the alleviation or resolution of symptoms of physical injury and/or dis-ease, feel less reactive or burdened by challenging issues, and/or notice an increased sense of deep joy, peace, connection and intimacy in their everyday circumstances and relationships with others, the world, and life in general, manifesting as a profound inner freedom.

Details regarding the nature of how Aminya works and the type of sessions that he offers can be found through the links here…

How I Work

All sessions are conducted within the spirit of open hearted compassion, love, reverence and respect for each person’s unique journey and process of personal transformation… read more

Types Of Sessions

Personal sessions are designed to offer you a space in which we can explore the boundless beauty, innate intelligence, wisdom, creativity and genius of your true nature… read more

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I have received sessions from Aminya many times in my past and have been profoundly transformed in so many more ways beyond what I had imagined was possible.  There is no set way that Aminya works, he fluidly moves between all the layers of creation, healing, communicating and resolving all and any distortions. I whole heartily recommend Aminya and would imagine that any session with him would leave you speechless and spellbound.  His gifts are literally out of this world!

Anaiya Sophia – Author and Contemporary Spiritual Teacher

Aminya’s work is excellent. His work has profoundly supported me many times. I very much appreciate his exquisite integration of deep sensitivity and welcoming with a laser clarity and very powerful grounding.

Stephen Morallee – Artist and Creative Mentor

Aminya is an amazing Source Channel, Master Healer and Teacher of Divine Wisdom – Truth. I deeply love his work and embrace his dedication to assist all of humanity in the evolutionary process and enlightenment through his loving Presence and Amazing Wisdom.

Aminya knows me in the purest sense of my being and in the darkest of my being as well. I am no different to him in whatever form or veils or mask I decide to hide behind. He is loving and compassionate, clear and precise of what is there for me to transform. It is an environment of grace, love and honour/respect in which anyone that comes to him feels held no matter what their story is about. I cannot express enough gratitude for all that he has helped me with  – just no words only love and gratitude.

Brigitta Santa

Aminya introduced me to me to truth of who I AM, and for this I Am eternally grateful!

I have been consciously and diligently clearing out old patterning for 5 years now but had not been able to fully illuminate all that was holding me back from my happiness and freedom.

Since participating in Aminya’s sessions I have finally been able to release suppressed duality, shame and fears that were causing me so much pain and frustration in my relationships with God, myself and others. I have awakened to my Divine True Nature and to the beautiful gifts that Source holds within me, not only as a mental concept or belief but as a deeply lived embodied experience. Aminya was able to reveal to me patterns that were hidden deep within and then to support me to transform them into my natural blueprint of Pure Light, Love and Oneness. Aminya’s work is deeply anchored in Love. I have become wholly integrated and no longer have the desire to hide, deny or suppress the beauty of who I truly Am. I Am able to be fully present with my entire being at any given moment in any given situation. I now fully embrace and allow this “Mystical Dance of life” as my experience – I Am becoming fluid! I no longer fear aspects of myself that I do not understand for I know they are Golden and are continually being revealed to me.

Aminya is both powerful and gentle in nature.

Eternally appreciative, Almitra