One to One Sessions

One to one Sessions offer you the space to deeply examine what it is that you wish to address in a healing treatment with Aminya in a focused manner that is uniquely tailored to your own individual and specific needs, giving you the opportunity to pin-point exactly what it is that may be causing you concern within your life and to receive guidance and support to resolve the issues that are impacting your health, happiness, clarity, and well-being.

During your personal one-to-one time with Aminya there will be the space for you to discuss what you wish to bring as a focus to the session and how it is this currently impacts the quality of your life. Then Aminya will gently support you to explore this issue within order that you can gain a greater depth of clarity and subsequently freedom around it whilst additionally channelling various forms of divine energy and consciousness within order to restore harmony and balance to your system where needed and release what-so-ever holds, perpetuates and/or maintains this issue in your life.

Following the session there will then be ample time for you to ask any questions you may, share anything that may feel important to you, and to receive feed-back from Aminya in terms of what took place during the sessions as well as suggestions for what would further support your healing process.

In order to book your one-to-one session please contact Aminya and he will discuss your specific needs and what he can do in order to support you within your process of healing. Then Aminya will discuss how this can be best implemented, either via a single or group of sessions – through which there is the opportunity to go deeper in your process than a single session allows, as well as a convenient time and communication route for you to access your consultation, which usually occurs by telephone or Skype.