The Awakening Program

A profound twelve month journey of receiving the master keys and codes for the transformation of every aspect of your subtle energetic system, bringing all into resonance with the heart, embodying through form the essence of your true nature.

 April 29th 2018 – March 22nd 2019

The Awakening Program brings together many streams of wisdom from the mystery school traditions of Ancient Egypt, India and Tibet, within a simple yet comprehensive offering of the alchemic sciences that relate to the transformational process through which the subtle energetic system is transmuted into a higher vibrational frequency pattern in resonance with the heart, releasing ancestrally inherited core genetic programs which lock consciousness into fear based survival patterning, competition, division, and control, so that what can emerge and begin to more actively inform the experience of life is the loving-wisdom and truth of your essence.

Awakening to Reality

Our common experience is of living from out of the conditioned consciousness and energetic structure of our past incarnational life-times, ancestrally inherited genetic patterns and current cultural – societal norms based upon the family we were born into and our subsequent up-bringing from childhood into adulthood. All of this creates an almost unimaginably deep web of varied patterns of belief, attitudes and assumptions through which we view and respond to life, and so for the most part rather than simply being innocently open to life as it is – we do not truly see life as it really is. In some way we live as if apart from or separate from life or reality, within a version of the world that is purely rooted within what we believe to be true – based upon what we have been taught to accept. We live within our own personal perception or version of reality constructed through the collective narrative of our entire history, based not only within this current lifetime, but also our past incarnational existence and what-so-ever we may have inherited on the level of the body-mind through our genetics.

 So the primary focus, purpose or intention of The Awakening Program is to de-construct this network or web, it is to awaken you from out of identification with the narrative of your past history and subsequently how you define yourself, others and the world based upon such – in order that reality can be experienced as it truly is. Then true freedom within life can begin to emerge, rather than acting from out of habitual patterns of behaviour – based within fear or survival response mechanisms, the innate wisdom and compassion of the heart can become the primary guide and space from which life is lived.

How does this take place?

Through a process of twelve energetic light transmissions delivered to you over a period of three days each month for the course of twelve months your entire subtle energetic structure will be re-calibrated in order that your core energy may be liberated from out of attachment to the old pathways in consciousness which carry the imprint of your past incarnational and ancestral history, shifting your energetic body-structure into alignment with the focus of its natural expression free from conditioning – subsequently supporting the embodiment of your essence or true nature here in life, so more of that can be directly experienced and expressed through your subtle energetic system and body-mind.

Three primary threads weave themselves through what is offered through the Energy Body Mastery Series thereby. Together these three threads – Liberation, Recalibration, and Stabilisation serving to fully encapsulate both the transcendent and imminent aspects of awakening – supporting these to go deeper. The transcendent aspect being a progressive focus of the creation of more inner freedom, and the immanent aspect being the embodiment of that inner freedom through the human personality within order that it is more directly experienced here in life.


Firstly a focus of liberation from the past collective incarnational and ancestral history which informs the core view you hold of reality, awakening you from out of identification with the story of your life and the character that you experience yourself as being within that story – so what can emerge is the reality of what you truly are free from any conceptual structure. Then rather than living from out of your past and the inherited assumptions, attitudes and beliefs of your ancestors you can begin to fundamentally live life from the space of what is alive here now, from freedom and heart, from your essence – rather than the habitual energetic and genetic mechanisms that had previously driven your responses to life.


Secondly a complete re-calibration of the subtle energetic system into resonance with its natural focus of expression free from conditioning, so that a greater depth of your true nature can be embodied and expressed through form. Considering the subtle energetic system as being the vehicle through which Divinity is expressing itself in life, so this focus of re-calibration acts to evolve that vehicle, creating it to be more fluid, open, and vibrationally aligned with truth, enabling it to support the grounding of higher multi-dimensional forms of light, creating space for the essence of who you are in truth to be directly experienced here, integrated through the human personality and body-mind.


Thirdly the stabilisation of your core energy in resonance with the base harmonic of your heart essence or true nature. With the assumption that you somehow exist as a separate individual or ego-identity there is subsequently speaking the idea of you as that identity going somewhere, getting or becoming something, usually on the spiritual path this being a better, higher, more evolved or enlightened version of you, but this entirely misses the point of what any authentic teaching on awakening directs you towards, namely that rather than becoming a better, brighter, more evolved you, the invitation is to see through or awaken from out of the entire conceptual structure of ‘you’ to what is already here as reality.

For the perceptual self-identity the apparent existence of some goal to be reached simply perpetuates the illusion of separation, profound mystical states of oneness, bliss, and/or higher consciousness may be experienced and these can radically alter the experience of life for the apparent ‘identity’, but these states come and go, for every high there is a low, and the separate sense of self which acts as the foundation for all ego-identity, all suffering, all experience of duality continues its apparent existence even if extremely subtly within these mystical states. Stabilisation can in the context of awakening be seen to thereby refer to the dissolution of this sense of separate self, this sense of someone going somewhere, getting or becoming something, then with no-where to go, nothing to reach, or become, what is directly encountered is the reality of what is already fully present here – shining through all appearances, with no-where to go, there is no more apparent coming and going, no more fluctuation between differing states in consciousness, all simply effortlessly abides in the natural state of reality as it truly is.

Monthly Focuses

Each monthly set of three days of transmission brings focus to a specific aspect of the subtle energetic system, incorporating all three threads as previously described – liberation, recalibration, and stabilisation, within order to awaken and evolve that aspect as a vehicle for the expression of presence. Over the course of the entire year this then creates a tremendous focus of the bridging of Divine energy, consciousness, and intelligence through all dimensions of your energetic and cellular/genetic systems, opening, cleansing, clearing, purifying, illuminating, and awakening – the pathways that connect each of your subtle bodies into the various anatomical structures/organs, endocrinal, and neural systems of your physical form, in order that the body-mind can establish connection with, ground, integrate, and embody progressively higher levels or forms of light, and in so doing – that more of your true nature can be directly experienced within and through the body.


The focus of each of the transmissions that are received over the course of this month is upon supporting the development of wisdom, insight and clarity into the exact nature of what it is that your heart or essence is truly wishing to express in life. So, such involves the refinement of your intention, your direction, and understanding of your purpose, a letting go or dropping away of surface level wants or desires which are not truly expressing the fullness of your passion or which may simply adhere to an image of what it is you think or have been told you should want, how you should be, and/or what you should or should not do. An opening then to recognise deeper than my thoughts, my beliefs, my mind, and my ideas about life – what is my heart calling me to – and a recognition of the answer to the question of why am I here?


The focus of wisdom, clarity, and insight that has been supported to flourish over the course of the prior month is further nurtured here as compassion enters and begins to ignite a renewed passion for life, gently holding all parts of the psyche that may have given up, lost hope, trust or faith in the vision of the heart, believe it is not possible, or that it is somehow not supported, that may feel defeated, and that the true passion of the heart is just a dream or fantasy that is somehow unreachable, that life is about what needs to be done to survive and that somehow involves giving up on one’s heart or passion as it is unable to practically sustain or support the basic necessities of life. So what is received over the course of this month is a renewed opening to support, a letting go of attitudes of defeat or hopelessness, a willingness to show up and commit to the vision of the heart, to do what is needed and move beyond the fear of failure, and the apparent incapacity to survive if the heart is followed.


This month the focus of each of the transmissions is the earth element as that which provides a stable focus of grounding, nurturing, and support, a solid foundation from which to move and upon which to build. Earth traditionally being associated with mother provides us with what it is we need to grow not only within the literal sense of food but here also within the sense of a ‘spiritual food’, the energy or inspiration to develop. So, we move beyond our fear of lack or nourishment, our sense of somehow being left hungry or unfulfilled in life and from a grounded, stable, supported space, we open to recognise the practical steps that require to be taken within order to birth our passion. Like a child held within the womb of our mother or a seed within the body of the earth we are open and receptive to what nourishes, us, aware of the unconditional support that provides for and holds us, boundaries, limitations, and patterns of conditioning relating to our capacity to receive are recognised and resolved – as we open into a new focus of faith and trust in the benevolence of life, let go of deeper layers of self-protection rooted in survival consciousness that may have kept us small or contracted and begin to truly thrive in a recognition of abundance.


The focus of each of the transmissions that are received this month are related to the water element, the feminine womb space, emotion, feeling, intuition, surrender and flow. If you think of water as a river or a current so you open to consider where is it that the current of your life is taking you, where is it that you are focusing your energy or emotion (energy in motion), are you simply unconsciously flowing with the current of your conditioning, decisions, actions, and/or habitual response mechanisms to life – or are you consciously actively surrendered into the flow of life, following your inner guidance, your intuition, and your hearts direction within alignment with truth? Water directs us to flow, to let go of resistance to the current of where it is that life is naturally taking us as an expression of inner awakening to our essence, to become receptive to our inner knowing, to guidance, intuition and truth, rather than simple adherence to the images or stories our minds would present as reality. As you enter into flowing without resistance so inviting grace and opening to what we may consider as synchronicity, to the blessings and opportunities that are being presented to you as a means by which you can deepen in what your heart is truly wishing to express as your purpose and passion, your essence, and the truth of who you are.


Each of the transmissions that are received this month focus upon the fire element, passion and transformation, letting go of the old, new beginnings, vitality, drive and forward movement. As in opening to the fire element there is a recognition of where is it that the ‘fire’ or ‘spark’ has gone out of my life, where is it that I have lost sight of or connection with my passion, creativity, joy, or playfulness, where is it in my life that there is a sense of lack of warmth, vitality or forward movement and that I may feel stuck? Fire re-ignites the spark of passion for what it is that your heart is calling you toward, transforms the conditioned patterns in consciousness and energetic blockages that keep you feeling held back in life, brings warmth  to what may have become ‘cold’, distanced, isolated or with-drawn due to feeling a lack of joy and that you are simply existing rather than truly living.


The focus of each of the transmissions this month is upon the air element, the mental body, brain and nervous system. Rigid structures of belief that keep you within a close-minded or limited view of reality are lovingly released with the support of Divine Mother –  opening you to Mystery, to that which is beyond mind and the conceptual structure of what it is believed is known about reality, yourself, life and/or any other person. So, you begin to relax from out of your assumptions of how the world is, clarity emerges, and from clarity you can approach life as it truly this – rather than from the position of viewing it through the perceptual filters of your story about it. Fears regarding the unknown, the desire to know what will or will not happen, to control, manipulate or otherwise determine or ensure a particular outcome gently fall away and a kind of humility emerges within recognition that from the experience of ourselves as a separate I or ego we do not know the greater mystery or truth of life, all we apparently know is our experience of separation and the story which accompanies that. So, if we truly wish for the truth we require to open to what is unknown, to openly, honestly, compassionately and with a gentle yet focused tenderness examine what it is we think we know and discover is it true, then we no longer live in delusion or false view, so we suffer less and are empowered to make decisions that come from what is real and true, rather than what we are thinking and believing to be reality.


The focus of each of the transmissions this month is upon Aether or space and the generation of what can be termed as open-structure through the union or interaction of masculine clarity and feminine surrender. So as there is surrender into the boundless-spaciousness of Divine Intention as it arises through the generative principle of the feminine womb space, the voidal center or Aether, form and structure take shape. Surrender to truth directs the course of one’s intention, action, and path in life. Feminine receptivity to what is required to be received in order that the true passion of the heart can be lived supports the masculine to act, to give, to step into life more fully, to let go of control as it is held within the nurturing embrace of the mystery. Together a weaving of masculine and feminine alignment with Divine Intention births creation as surrender and action flow seamlessly in surrendered-action to what is the highest potential, what needs to be given, to be received, met, acknowledged, in order that Heart can embody and reveal itself fully in the world.


Each of the transmissions that are received this month focus upon the opening or awakening of heart to Heart. Diving into a compassion filled exploration of what it is that is the primary fear which impedes the full expression of your heart’s passion, your joy and creativity in life, you will be supported to let go of what creates you to not be fully present with your heart, to hide, isolate, close, with-draw or shut-down. Meeting with the most shut or locked aspect of your heart, infusions of pure love and the Holy Mother’s grace will be received by you so that this part of your heart which may hold deep self-judgement, judgement of life, the world, or other, and be identified with fear, pain or the absence of love – can let go and open once again. Through the open heart coming then to recognise the light within yourself, the wold, and others, where it could not be seen, to forgive, and in forgiveness truly let go of how it is you may feel wronged or that you may have wronged another, bringing into resolution all which lays between your heart and the One Heart of all life.


Each of the transmissions that are received this month focus upon your relationship with Mother and the world view that you formulated through this relationship particularly within regards to nurturance and love, their availability and what it is you may have been conditioned to believe you must do within order to receive them. Absence of nurturance, love and the mother will thereby also be addressed, as will the sense of an over-bearing or over-protective mother whereby it is that love becomes something that is felt as suffocating or imprisoning in some way – linking with fears of abandonment or rejection. At the core of each of the transmissions being a focus upon your capacity to receive, to be open, to say yes to life, and to see the world through the eyes of abundance – rather than the subtle ego motivation(s) of lack, poverty, competition (for mothers attention and love) and/or greed. This profoundly deepening the focus of that which was received through the Earth transmissions.


Each of the transmissions that are received this month focus upon your relationship with Father and the world view that you formulated through this relationship particularly within regards to guidance, clarity, support and what it means to be a man in the world. Opening into an exploration of how is it that you relate to and express the masculine within your own self, feel supported by the presence of the masculine, strong, confident and assured within your decisions, hold faith and trust in alignment with wisdom and truth or lack confidence within yourself, your ability or capacity to be true to your word, to see the vision of your heart through to completion, to stay the course, and to navigate through challenges. At the core of each of the transmissions being then this focus upon building confidence within your self, strength, inner alignment with truth, clarity and focus of direction, faith and trust within the support of the Divine.


Each of the transmissions that are received this month focus upon your relationship with family and in particular to how this has formulated your sense of belonging, of how it is you fit in, and the role that you play. Opening into an exploration of how do I belong, how do I fit in, what is or are the role(s) that I play within order to feel like I belong or fit in, do I feel accepted, safe and welcomed within my family or what could be looked at as ‘the tribe’ or do I somehow feel like an outsider, I do not really belong, have a place to ground, root, take anchor, a place that I can feel at rest and call home. Then how is it that I may re-create that in the world, how is it that I am trying to find home or family in life, do I feel ease in connection with others, a sense of welcoming or belonging, or do I somehow feel out of place and unable to really connect. Healing of the ‘family heart’ being then a coming into a deeper sense of home and of community here, a coming out of what may have created isolation, feelings of not belonging or of fitting in, and the incapacity to ground or fully be present here in the body and life.


Each of the transmissions that are received this month focus upon your relationship with the world, humanity, the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms, cosmic and universal life, as well as life that is found within other realms of existence such as the angelic or devic kingdoms. So, it is through each of the transmissions that are received over the course of this month there is the support to open into a deeper awareness of your multi-dimensional nature, as well as to clear, release and transmute the primary dis-empowerment wounding that is held within the core multi-dimensional creation gateway of your energy body in alignment with your hara, sacral and base, for the purpose of the opening and regeneration of that gateways connection to the creation stream that arises through the focus of Divine Intention for the manifestation of life. Aligning with that stream through feminine receptivity and surrender, masculine focus, strength, clarity and direction, then igniting the authentic expression of the Heart to birth through you here, embody and ground itself through your subtle energetic system, consciousness, and body-mind.

What Will You Receive

♥ Infusions of Divine love that ignite each petal of the heart, liberating the deepest patterns of unresolved memory which are held through all dimensions of the subtle energetic system and that manifest as contraction, fear, withdrawal or isolation, supporting you to be open to and more deeply present in life.

♥ Transmissions of Divine light that awaken you to the reality of your true nature and evolve the subtle energetic system as a vehicle for the expression of that reality within order that you may receive, ground, integrate and hold a greater focus of Divine presence through your body and embody in each moment the essence of what it is to live from the inherent wholeness of who you truly are.

♥ Currents of Divine sound which align your consciousness with the creation of your life in alignment with Divine flow – inviting  grace into every facet of your experience. Offering the opening of a doorway through which ‘right action’ informs what is done – rather than the habitual focus of conditioned behaviour and/or ways of being/doing within the world.

♥ Over the course of the entire year you will be held within the field of Divine Mother’s heart – receiving from her what so ever is required in each moment to optimally support your own unique process within all areas of your life – and so even at those times when you are not receiving the 3 day monthly scheduled transmissions over the course of the year – there is this constant holding and focus of support – which is evolving your subtle energetic system and guiding you to go deeper – to meet with and liberate all that is calling for love, all that is being called to come home.

♥ As well as the monthly scheduled transmissions and the constant focus of Divine Mother’s holding over the course of the year – you will receive a series of energetically encoded art-works which align specifically with the focus of Divine intention to awaken various aspects of the subtle energetic system/dimensions of your consciousness.

♥ You will receive twelve audio recordings – each approximately an hour and a half in length – one a month – which hold a focus of supporting you to open into and more deeply embody what is shared through the transmissions.

♥ Over the course of the year you will receive three personal one-to-one sessions with Aminya, one at the start of the year, one half way through, and one at the end of the year.

Payment and Registrations

Aminya, Divine Mother, the angels and archangels invite you to come and be held, bathed, washed, filled by the rivers of boundless love, met by all that you may require to make the shift through your heart into the freedom of your true nature, to walk through life in a new way – liberated from the past and habitual patterns of behaviour – so that you may truly be present to what is here and the precious gift you offer through your uniqueness to all beings – in all worlds.

This twelve month program begins on the Full Moon April 29th 2018

Exchange for the full year program is £575 GBP.

Within order to make your payment please go to the payments page where you will find a form which will link you through to Paypal where you can pay using  your Paypal account or if you do not have a Paypal account log in as a guest and use your debit or credit card. When registering please provide your full name and that you are registering for the Awakening Program within the form provided. Once you have made your payment Aminya will automatically be notified and will be in contact in due course to provide you with further details. Should you have any questions within the mean-time please feel welcome to contact Aminya with these. (Payment plans via instalments are available – should you wish to discuss these – please contact Aminya within order to do so).