The Divine Human

A twelve month journey with The Family of Light, Divine Father, Holy Mother and the Christ-Magdalene, offering you all that you may require to be met by within order to ignite the love, light and power of your heart within order that you may embody your true nature in all areas of your life.

 August 8th 2019 – July 7th 2020

Held and lovingly supported by the presence of Divine Father, Holy Mother and the Christ we invite you to receive all you may require within order to step into the embodiment of your most authentic expression in the world, so that you can liberate yourself from the self-limiting patterns of conditioning which keep you small, disconnected and unfulfilled, awaken beyond fear, separation, competition or control and realise the gift you give yourself, your family, community, humanity and all beings in simply showing up as you truly are.

As it is all that you receive over the course of the year will support you to awaken the love, light and power within your heart. Opening you to greater clarity, understanding, wisdom, compassion, self-acceptance, intimacy, connection, grace, ease and flow, as well as the manifestation of right relationship with circumstance within order that you can take empowered action toward the realisation of what genuinely fulfils you.

Love, Light and Power

Linking with the Family of Light, Divine Father, Holy Mother and the Christ-Magdalene as well as those qualities expressed through the three fold flame of the heart, love, light and power, the year long home study program is presented over the course of three four month long modules each of which specifically focus upon one of those qualities supporting you upon a progressive journey of the inner marriage of your own masculine and feminine spirit within order that what can emerge is the original non-conditioned innocence, play, creativity and openness of your child or Christ nature.

During the course of the first module of the year long program you are thereby primarily supported to receive love through all dimensions of your subtle energetic system, consciousness and body-mind, opening you into the direct experience of holding, support and connection, as well as the capacity to meet and bring back into wholeness those aspects of yourself that experience themselves as dis-connected, isolated or alone – leading into the second module through which you are supported to receive pure light.

This pure or divine light as it is received into every aspect of your energetic system, consciousness and body-mind acting within order to dissolve patterns of conditioning rooted within a false view of yourself, others and the world – opening you into a clear seeing of reality. This clear seeing then inviting the arising of right action or response to circumstance as well as greater depth of connection or intimacy as your mind is no longer clouded by false belief programs, attitudes or views that keep you locked within a repetitive cycle of living out the same pattern and of seeing reality in a way that is not authentic.

As these streams of love and of light seamlessly come into union entering into the third module through which you are provided with a series of simple practices and transmissions which unlock inner power. Power being sourced from this unity of a clear seeing of reality as it is (light) and intimacy or connection (love) guiding you to step into the embodied reality of what it is to live the open heart, a way of living that is authentic, undefended, free and which embodies the fullness of what you truly are.

How does this take place?

Through a process of the transmission of Divine energy and consciousness delivered to you over a period of three days each month your entire subtle energetic structure is re-calibrated in order to liberate you from out of attachment to the old pathways in consciousness which carry the imprint of your past incarnational and ancestral history, shifting your energetic body-structure into alignment with the focus of its natural expression free from conditioning – subsequently supporting stabilisation and the embodiment of your essence or true nature here in life, so more of that can be expressed through your subtle energetic system and body-mind.

These three threads – Liberation, Recalibration, and Stabilisation serving to fully encapsulate both the transcendent and imminent aspects of awakening. The transcendent aspect being a progressive focus of the creation of more inner freedom, and the immanent aspect being the embodiment of that inner freedom through the human personality within order that it is more directly experienced here in life.


Liberation brings freedom from the past incarnational and ancestral history which informs the core view you hold of reality, awakening you from out of identification with the story of your life and the character that you experience yourself as being within that story, so what can emerge is the reality of what you truly are free from any conceptual structure. Then you can begin to live life from the space of what is alive here now as your true essence rather than living from out of your past and the inherited assumptions, attitudes and beliefs of your ancestors that had previously driven your responses to life.


Re-calibration of the subtle energetic system into resonance with its natural focus of expression free from conditioning supports the process through which a greater depth of your true nature can be embodied and expressed through form. Considering the subtle energetic system as being the vehicle through which Divinity is expressing itself in life, so this focus of re-calibration acts to evolve that vehicle, creating it to be more fluid, open, and vibrationally aligned with truth, enabling it to support the grounding of higher multi-dimensional forms of light, creating space for the essence of who you are in truth to be directly experienced here, integrated through the human personality and body-mind.


As your former reference patterns of behaviour fall away and it is recognised that even though there is no ‘I’ (egoic character structure) to live life there is still a life to be lived, stabilisation (embodiment) takes you toward a deeper focus of surrender through which your true nature expresses in each moment. Seen from another perspective embodiment could then also be referred to as the implementation of what has been awakened to, except that there are no rules for how such should be implemented, lived or acted upon, so what emerges is a surrender into the spontaneous unfolding of life guided through an alignment with your true nature. This aspect of transmission thereby bridges you deeper into truth and stabilises or anchors you there within order that rather than being pulled into acting out from whatever forms of conditioning may remain within the psyche and body-mind you are better enabled to act from what is awake to reality within you.

Monthly Focuses

Each monthly set of three days of transmission brings focus to a specific aspect of the subtle energetic system, incorporating all three threads as previously described – liberation, recalibration, and stabilisation, within order to awaken and evolve that aspect as a vehicle for the expression of presence. Over the course of the entire year this then creates a tremendous focus of the bridging of Divine energy, consciousness, and intelligence through all dimensions of your energetic and cellular-genetic systems, opening, cleansing, clearing, purifying, illuminating, and awakening the pathways that connect each of your subtle bodies into the various anatomical structures, organs, endocrine, and neural systems of your physical form, in order that the body-mind can establish connection with, ground, integrate, and embody progressively higher levels or forms of light, and in so doing that more of your true nature can be expressed through all facets of your life.


The focus of each of the transmissions that are received this month support a gentle and grace filled opening of the heart to receive pure love, dissolving patterns of dissociation, withdrawal, isolation, mistrust, lack of faith and feelings of abandonment which relate to an image of yourself as in anyway being undeserving of love. As each aspect of the multi-dimensional field matrix of the heart is supported to open bridging you into the truth of intimacy with yourself, life and other, intimacy being that which arises through authentic connection that is free from conditioned patterns of seduction or manipulation rooted within the desire to be seen within a certain way within order to feel safe or to have your needs met. So, intimacy awakening you to the truth that you are loved here and now exactly as you are without having to do or be anything.


Seeing ourselves, others and the world innocently we see with eyes of non-judgement, compassion and clear understanding or wisdom allowing for the expression of true forgiveness, forgiveness simply being the giving of love where previously it may have been felt love could not be given. So, as you receive each of the transmissions that are shared over the course of this month you are supported to open your heart to what-so-ever it may have been felt could not be met, acknowledged, held or received and to enter into a new focus of relationship through which there is the expression of a form of loving-kindness toward all parts of yourself that embodies a transformative quality which in seeking to change nothing paradoxically opens the way for all to open into new forms of expression.


Grace enters as there is surrender to the present moment, so the focus of each of the transmissions that are received this month build upon what has already been received through the transmissions of love and innocence bridging you into a deeper focus of intimacy or authentic meeting with what is here and truly calling to be met. As grace touches you opening you into a deeper awareness of the inherent benevolence that is at the heart of life and the direct experience of what it is to be truly supported in opening to new opportunities and ways of being in the world as you let go of control and allow yourself to be carried by Divine flow rather than your conditioned habitual response to circumstance.


Opening to the Voidal Heart of the Earth Mother over the course of the duration of this month you are supported to step into a deeper awareness of the presence of love as the groundless ground which acts as the foundation for all life. With love as your foundation, rooting then into deeper connection through awakening from out of separation consciousness and opening into the direct experience of the unconditional nature of how it is love expressing through the heart of the Earth Mother freely gives what is required in service to all life. This unconditional nature of love that acts purely in service to the liberation and upliftment of all beings being the primary focus of each of the transmissions over the course of this month as you open to receive what is truly required in each moment so that you may freely give from your own heart as an expression of love within the world, this giving of love also being what could be described as right action or the living and realisation of your purpose here.


Love gives birth to wisdom as through intimacy (into-me-see) you are rooted within a clear seeing of reality. So, as you enter the second module having deeply received love there begins to emerge this quality of clarity and truth, belief patterns rooted within a false view of yourself, others and life further fall away, and you begin to access a deeper intelligence or inspiration that is sourced from a space beyond mind. Each of the transmissions this month focus then on supporting you to live from truth. Restructuring your usual perceptual frame-work they open you to the awareness of what exists beyond the experience you are having of reality generated through your senses and the meaning that you may give to circumstance in order that what can emerge is that which is not dependent on mind, your sense or emotions – as the truth of what you are, and this perceptual-restructuring then further deconstructs the image you hold of yourself, opening you to greater inner freedom as you are able to see things in a new light.


As light enters and you embody a clear seeing of reality you open into a deeper focus of appreciation for your own inner radiance, beauty and strength, transmuting what-so-ever you may hold which creates you to be unable to fully recognise this or somehow see yourself as less than, weak and incapable. Over the course of this month patterns of conditioning rooted within those experiences where it may be that you felt you lost connection with your own inner light, felt defeated, abandoned or alone and lost faith in your yourself and the Divine or where it is you perceived what could be termed the dark to be more powerful than the light are thereby compassionately held and supported to come into resolution, leading you to discover how it is that you can be compassionately present with the darkness (what has forgotten the light of its true nature) within your own self and the world not as something to be feared or vilified but rather as that which is calling to be met with love, non-judgement and forgiveness, this freeing you from shame and unworthiness in order that you may recognise that no matter what you may have done there is an unconditionality of love which holds and acknowledges you as the truth of what you are.


Meeting with the light of your true nature you enter communion with what is deeper than any image, story or concept of yourself and begin to experience the boundless mystery of life as that which inspires play, creativity, discovery and growth. So, each of the transmissions that are shared over the course of this month are specifically designed within order to support this kind of open, innocent and play filled discovery, exploration and deepening into mystery. Reminding you of the truth, spontaneity and fluidity of play they act to break down rigidity and structures of control, bringing with them the energy and consciousness of the archetypal figure of the fool who in knowing nothing is open and surrendered to meeting life here as it is.


Opening to the Heart of Father God you are supported to step into a deeper awareness of the relationship that you hold with your own inner masculine presence and the gifts that are expressed through this aspect of your multi-dimensional nature via your ability to bring what has been discovered through the spirit of play (explored over the course of the previous month) into action. Each of the transmissions that are shared over the course of this month thereby support you in stepping into right action within the world, grounding the higher vision of your heart in alignment with Divine intention and giving birth to the new. On a subtle energetic level this relating to the integration of head, heart and gut, bridging the light (masculine) from the head through the heart and down into the womb or hara (feminine) giving birth to power (son/daughter). Together a weaving of masculine and feminine alignment with Divine Intention birthing creation as surrender and action flow seamlessly in surrendered-action to what is the highest potential, what needs to be given, to be received, met and acknowledged in order that Heart can embody and reveal itself fully in the world.


In seamless unity love and light give rise to power through the alchemical balance of masculine and feminine energy flowing in harmony in order to give birth to creation. Entering into the third module the focus of each of the transmissions that you receive over the course of this month thereby support you to resolve what may lay between your own inner masculine and feminine as conflict within order that you can come into balance and step forward through empowered action within life rather than finding patterns of internal struggle being reflected within your external circumstance as an expression of the primary fears held by the core masculine and feminine aspects of your psyche. These arising as fear of loss of connection to the light which manifests through a sense of feeling directionless, powerless and without clarity in terms of the masculine and fear of loss of connection to love which manifests through a sense of rejection, abandonment, lack of holding and support in terms of the feminine. As it is these fears come into resolution the masculine surrendering the mind into the deep mystery of love and the feminine feeling met, seen, acknowledged, free to express without being controlled, silenced or manipulated. This opening what has been referred to as the voice of the womb (hara) a deep wellspring of wisdom and creative power, which embodies the essence of the Word (In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God) as that which exists prior to creation.


Building on what you have received over the course of the prior month each of the transmissions that are received over the course of this month deepen your connection with the Word as that which wholly embodies the boundless creative power of the Divine to give rise to its own limitless potential. So, you are invited with an open heart and spirit of play-filled curiosity to stretch beyond the boundaries of what you may have imagined as being possible and from a place of alignment with deep wisdom and truth to embrace risk as that which serves you to discover what lays beyond what you may have defined as safe. Here then is the invitation to discover the power within your own vulnerability when it is that you allow yourself to be seen, to show up and connect within intimacy, to be unmasked and allow what is beyond and yet wears all masks to express.


Unmasked, shedding old skins you stand naked and unadorned bearing witness to the mystery of what you are beyond definition. Here then in being no-thing there is the freedom to be all-things, a richness of boundless potential expression that is guided through alignment with Divine Intention. Over the course of this month you are thereby loving held and supported to step into an exploration of what keeps you from the freedom to be here as you are, to show up and embrace what IS. As it is this exploration leads you into the discovery of a greater depth of presence and intimacy, bridging you ever deeper through Mystery and into the recognition of what is truly here as boundless love. What is here? Being the core thread that runs through each of the transmissions that you receive this month. The essence of this question cutting through the perceptual filters that overlay your experience of reality, opening you to the unknown within order that you can see with fresh eyes that are free from assumption. This being how right action is born, as in freedom from assumption you connect with what is here and that which is present beyond separation consciousness emerges as the truth of what you are.


Over the course of this month you are invited into the exploration of what it truly is to be human free from the labels, assumptions and belief structures which may have distorted your experience of such. This offering you the opportunity to embody presence (Divinity) through your humanness in a deeper fashion and to ground all that you have received over the course of the past eleven months through all aspects of your life. On a macro level this also opening you into a deeper focus of appreciation of your relationship through Oneness with all of humanity, further dissolving structures of perceptual separation which keep you out of connection, intimacy and the truth of what it is to authentically meet without mask or pretence within relationship, this allowing for the arising of love and the deeper transmutation of what you may have judged or rejected within the heart of humanity and your own self. Then rather than meeting the world from judgement, fear or rejection you can meet it with love, compassion, wisdom and truth, this being the natural expression of The Divine Human in action.

What Will You Receive

♥ Infusions of Divine love that ignite each petal of the heart, liberating the deepest patterns of unresolved memory which are held through all dimensions of the subtle energetic system and that manifest as contraction, fear, withdrawal or isolation, supporting you to be open to and more deeply present in life.

♥ Transmissions of Divine light that awaken you to the reality of your true nature and evolve the subtle energetic system as a vehicle for the expression of that reality within order that you may receive, ground, integrate and hold a greater focus of Divine presence through your body and embody in each moment the essence of what it is to live from the inherent wholeness of who you truly are.

♥ Currents of Divine sound which align your consciousness with the creation of your life in alignment with Divine flow – inviting grace into every facet of your experience. Offering the opening of a doorway through which ‘right action’ informs what is done rather than the habitual focus of conditioned behaviour and ways of being within the world.

♥ Over the course of the each module you will be held  by The Family of the Light, Divine Mother, Divine Father and the Christ-Magdalene and so even at those times when you are not receiving the 3 day monthly scheduled transmissions there is a constant holding and focus of support which is evolving your subtle energetic system and guiding you to go deeper and liberate all that is calling for love.

♥ As well as the monthly scheduled transmissions and the constant focus of the holding of The Family of the Light over the course of the year – you will receive a series of energetically encoded art-works which align specifically with the focus of Divine intention to awaken various aspects of the subtle energetic system and dimensions of your consciousness.

♥ Over the course of each module you will receive eight audio recordings; each approximately an hour and a half in length which hold a focus of supporting you to open into and more deeply embody what is shared through the transmissions.

♥ At the start and end of each module you will receive a personal one to one session with Aminya or Caroline within order to support you to open into and integrate what is shared.


Over the course of the year Aminya will be joined by Caroline of Ascending Angels as Co-teacher of the home study program. Caroline brings with her a rich depth of feminine wisdom, love and compassion rooted within many years as an inter-national teacher and therapist as well as the capacity to act as a bridge for the transformational power of angelic energy and consciousness adding a unique element to what will be shared over the course of the year. As the addition of this angelic stream offers you the opportunity to receive God’s grace within a manner that opens your heart, body and mind to new forms of relationship with life, which fulfil you in the deepest fashion and enrich your experience of what it is to truly be human, unmasked, undefended, authentic, open hearted and real.

Payment and Registrations

Aminya and Caroline, Divine Mother, Divine Father, the Christ-Magdalene, the angels and archangels invite you to come and be held, bathed, washed, filled by the rivers of boundless love, met by all that you may require to make the shift through your heart into the freedom of your true nature, to walk through life in a new way liberated from the past and habitual patterns of behaviour so that you may truly be present to what is here and the precious gift you offer through your uniqueness to all beings in all worlds.

This twelve month program begins the 8th August 2019.

Exchange for the full year program is £999 GBP or early bird (full payment made by the end of June 2019) is £888 GBP

Or each four month module is £350 GBP

Payment plans within instalments are also available.

Within order to make your payment please go to the payments page where you will find a form which will link you through to Paypal where you can pay using  your Paypal account or if you do not have a Paypal account log in as a guest and use your debit or credit card. When registering please provide your full name and that you are registering for the Awakening Program within the form provided. Once you have made your payment Aminya will automatically be notified and will be in contact in due course to provide you with further details. Should you have any questions within the mean-time please feel welcome to contact Aminya with these.