Energy Body Mastery Series

A profound twelve month journey of receiving the master keys and codes for the transformation of every aspect of your subtle energetic system, bringing all into resonance with the heart, embodying through form the essence of your true nature.

28th November 2016 – October 20th 2017

The Energy Body Mastery Series brings together many streams of wisdom from the mystery school traditions of Ancient Egypt, India and Tibet, within a simple yet comprehensive offering of the alchemic sciences that relate to the transformational process through which the subtle energetic system is transmuted into a higher vibrational frequency pattern in resonance with the heart, releasing ancestrally inherited core genetic programs which lock consciousness into fear based survival patterning, competition, division, and control, so that what can emerge and begin to more actively inform the experience of life is the loving-wisdom and truth of your essence. Much more then simply offering healing for mind, body and spirit, the resolution of emotional issues, and/or clearing of patterns of conditioning, what is supported through this series is thereby a fundamental awakening to the wholeness that is already inherently present as the true nature of reality and the embodiment or living of that from moment to moment – in order that all can come to recognise it already resides at home – never in anyway separate.

Awakening to Reality

Our common experience is of living from out of the conditioned consciousness and energetic structure of our past incarnational life-times, ancestrally inherited genetic patterns and current cultural – societal norms based upon the family we were born into and our subsequent up-bringing from childhood into adulthood. All of this creates an almost unimaginably deep web of varied patterns of belief, attitudes and assumptions through which we view and respond to life, and so for the most part rather than simply being innocently open to life as it is – we do not truly see life as it really is. In some way we live as if apart from or separate from life or reality, within a version of the world that is purely rooted within what we believe to be true – based upon what we have been taught to accept. We live within our own personal perception or version of reality constructed through the collective narrative of our entire history, based not only within this current lifetime, but also our past incarnational existence and what-so-ever we may have inherited on the level of the body-mind through our genetics.

So the primary focus, purpose or intention of the Energy Body Mastery Series is to de-construct this network or web, it is to awaken you from out of identification with the narrative of your past history and subsequently how you define yourself, others and the world based upon such – in order that reality can be experienced as it truly is. Then true freedom within life can begin to emerge, rather than acting from out of habitual patterns of behaviour – based within fear or survival response mechanisms, the innate wisdom and compassion of the heart can become the primary guide and space from which life is lived.

How does this take place?

Through a process of twelve energetic light transmissions delivered to you over a period of three days each month for the course of twelve months your entire subtle energetic structure will be re-calibrated in order that your core energy may be liberated from out of attachment to the old pathways in consciousness which carry the imprint of your past incarnational and ancestral history, shifting your energetic body-structure into alignment with the focus of its natural expression free from conditioning – subsequently supporting the embodiment of your essence or true nature here in life, so more of that can be directly experienced and expressed through your subtle energetic system and body-mind.

Three primary threads weave themselves through what is offered through the Energy Body Mastery Series thereby…


Firstly a focus of liberation from the past collective incarnational and ancestral history which informs the core view you hold of reality, awakening you from out of identification with the story of your life and the character that you experience yourself as being within that story – so what can emerge is the reality of what you truly are free from any conceptual structure. Then rather than living from out of your past and the inherited assumptions, attitudes and beliefs of your ancestors you can begin to fundamentally live life from the space of what is alive here now, from freedom and heart, from your essence – rather than the habitual energetic and genetic mechanisms that had previously driven your responses to life.


Secondly a complete re-calibration of the subtle energetic system into resonance with its natural focus of expression free from conditioning, so that a greater depth of your true nature can be embodied and expressed through form. Considering the subtle energetic system as being the vehicle through which Divinity is expressing itself in life, so this focus of re-calibration acts to evolve that vehicle, creating it to be more fluid, open, and vibrationally aligned with truth, enabling it to support the grounding of higher multi-dimensional forms of light, creating space for the essence of who you are in truth to be directly experienced here, integrated through the human personality and body-mind.


Thirdly the stabilisation of your core energy in resonance with the base harmonic of your heart essence or true nature. With the assumption that you somehow exist as a separate individual or ego-identity there is subsequently speaking the idea of you as that identity going somewhere, getting or becoming something, usually on the spiritual path this being a better, higher, more evolved or enlightened version of you, but this entirely misses the point of what any authentic teaching on awakening directs you towards, namely that rather than becoming a better, brighter, more evolved you, the invitation is to see through or awaken from out of the entire conceptual structure of ‘you’ to what is already here as reality.

For the perceptual self-identity the apparent existence of some goal to be reached simply perpetuates the illusion of separation, profound mystical states of oneness, bliss, and/or higher consciousness may be experienced and these can radically alter the experience of life for the apparent ‘identity’, but these states come and go, for every high there is a low, and the separate sense of self which acts as the foundation for all ego-identity, all suffering, all experience of duality continues its apparent existence even if extremely subtly within these mystical states. Stabilisation can in the context of awakening be seen to thereby refer to the dissolution of this sense of separate self, this sense of someone going somewhere, getting or becoming something, then with no-where to go, nothing to reach, or become, what is directly encountered is the reality of what is already fully present here – shining through all appearances, with no-where to go, there is no more apparent coming and going, no more fluctuation between differing states in consciousness, all simply effortlessly abides in the natural state of reality as it truly is.

Together these three threads – Liberation, Recalibration, and Stabilisation serve to fully encapsulate both the transcendent and imminent aspects of awakening – supporting these to go deeper. The transcendent aspect being a progressive focus of the creation of more inner freedom, and the imminent aspect being the embodiment of that inner freedom through the human personality within order that it is more directly experienced here in life.

Monthly Focuses

Each monthly set of three days of transmission brings focus to a specific aspect of the subtle energetic system, incorporating all three threads as previously described – liberation, recalibration, and stabilisation, within order to awaken and evolve that aspect as a vehicle for the expression of presence. Over the course of the entire year this then creates a tremendous focus of the bridging of Divine energy, consciousness, and intelligence through all dimensions of your energetic and cellular/genetic systems, opening, cleansing, clearing, purifying, illuminating, and awakening – the pathways that connect each of your subtle bodies into the various anatomical structures/organs, endocrinal, and neural systems of your physical form, in order that the body-mind can establish connection with, ground, integrate, and embody progressively higher levels or forms of light, and in so doing – that more of your true nature can be directly experienced within and through the body.


Each of the transmissions that are received this month focus upon awakening you from out of the core structure of identity that is derived through the totality of your incarnational consciousness or in other terms the sense of who you perceive yourself to be based within all of your past history as an incarnational being. Opening you to the discovery of your true nature as that which is unborn and undying, does not come and go, and as such is ever-present, free from causality and any form of condition.

This opening to the fundamental ground of reality, then further serving to break down another core pattern of identity – namely the sense of the seeker, going somewhere or becoming something, marking an end to the search for what will apparently make the seeker whole, an end to looking outwards in the search for validation by perceptually becoming something bigger, brighter, or better, rather a total reversal of direction, a going inwards through the heart – until what is already inherently present as the true nature of reality begins to emerge.


Each of the transmissions that are received this month focus upon awakening you from out of the core structure of identity that is derived through your ancestral consciousness, clearing the primary perceptual belief systems and patterns of conditioning that are inherited through your genetic lineage, releasing core focuses of identity with mother and father, as well as significantly shifting the foundational genetic program from out of survival and into alignment with truth. This clearing and re-calibration of the genetic system then facilitates the creation of a much greater depth of inner space on a body level – allowing for the integration of higher dimensional forms of light and greater expression of presence through the form.


This month the focus of each of the transmissions is your physical body and your relationship with form, the Earth, and nature kingdoms. Whatever the primary issue or pattern of conditioning is that somehow keeps you out of harmony with life, nature, the Earth, and your physical body will be compassionately held within a space where it can be clearly met and brought into resolution, supporting you to be more directly present here in life, grounded, and open to what is fresh, new, and present in the moment. Over the course of the three days of transmission whatever obscures your clear perception of the reality of Divinity as it expresses through form will be transmuted and released, so that there can emerge a much deeper realisation of the presence of Divinity here.


The focus of each of the transmissions that are received this month are related to your child consciousness, your innocence, spontaneity, play and creativity. Adaptive mechanisms that where developed in childhood as a form of self-protection or of having your needs met will be explored and supported to unravel within a field of Divine grace, so that what can begin to emerge is a clearer expression of openness to life, rather than the position of trying to defend against life or control it within order to conform to certain expectations. Then with the dissolution of the image of how it is perceived life should be and the subsequent struggle with life to make it appear like this, what also begin to unravel are all of the belief systems around why life is not a certain way, such as if I was like this then life would be, or if life was like this then I would be. What begins to emerge is a deep natural appreciation and gratitude for the miracle of life as it is, these child-like qualities of heart such as innocence, spontaneity, creativity, wonder and play, as well as ‘right action’ within response to whatever the moment may present, as action is no longer being fuelled, led, filtered through or guided by conditioned consciousness, rather it arises from truth, freedom, presence.


Each of the transmissions that are received this month focus upon awakening your feminine consciousness and emotional body. The core emotional position that you hold as a filter through which you view and subsequently experience life will be unravelled, and you will be lovingly supported to release what is known as the ‘mother wound’, which expresses itself as a collective network of many varying patterns of conditioning – rooted within a sense of self that is somehow disconnected from love. Opening inner space through which you may step more deeply into a place of trust in love, receptivity and intimacy. What-so-ever causes you to with-hold love, to close yourself to receiving love, to try to cling to love, and/or constantly question love in an attempt to either prove or disprove its existence will be compassionately held and met by grace so that it can release and de-contract back into its natural non-conditioned state, supporting a deepening beyond-mind to take place in order that what can emerge is an awareness of the reality of love free from any conceptual belief structure.


The focus of each of the transmissions this month is your mental body and masculine consciousness. Opening to Mystery, to that which is beyond mind and the conceptual structure of what it is believed is known about reality, yourself, life and/or any other person, you will be supported to awaken to what cannot be discovered through the mind, to that which as it entirely transcends mind – thereby cannot be contained by mind and subsequently the recognition that as such exists beyond mind- what you truly are cannot be your mind or any of the apparent contents of mind, what appears/disappears within mind. This awakening beyond mind then serving to facilitate the breaking down of another core aspect of identity, namely the doer, that aspect which lays claim to action, claim to freedom, claim to creation, so what can emerge is the true source of action, the true source of freedom, the true source of creation – which is not rooted within ego-identity.


The focus of each of the transmissions this month is your heart and the clearance/release of what-so-ever obscures, limits, constricts and/or otherwise impedes the direct experience of the deeper dimensional reality of who you truly are in relation to the base identity that is to be found rooted within the heart as I AM. This is the core identity before the arising of even any story to which this identity is attached and so it could also be called pure identity or that which remains even when there is no story, that which remains as the apparent existence of a separate self – even if that apparent separate self has no story about who or what it is, any story around I am this or that, and is simply I AM. Through the dissolution of the I what then remains is AM, this is reality as it is – without being veiled through the lens of the apparent separate self, here there is no one experiencing reality – as the apparent experience of someone within reality, there is simply reality as it has always been – as what is.


Each of the transmissions that are received this month focus upon the Earth Element as one of the five pure lights or essential energies which give rise to creation. Earth is associated with form and the Wisdom of Equality which expresses the understanding of the unique contribution all elements of existence offer to the whole without which the whole would not be complete and thereby it is this wisdom that offers the dissolution of all notions of hierarchy and of pride rooted within an ideology of lesser and greater. Here what is recognised is the essence of humility and the unconditional essence of selfless service through non-expectation, through compassion which gives of itself without needing anything in return, without assuming what I have to give is any greater or lesser than what any other element of existence has to offer or to contribute – and thereby what is recognised is that which is effortlessly open to the unknown, to the mystery, that which is not caught within an assumption that it already has all the answers and thereby life has nothing to offer it or conversely that it has nothing to offer life and thereby is not deserving of anything from life.

Here what is awakened from out of is all ideologies, belief systems and habitual patterns of conditioning around the sense of I deserve or I do not deserve and thereby what is here can simply be met without grasping for something else or rejecting what is here, what can be opened to is the gift of what is here and the essence of what it has to offer, so that all can be celebrated and realised as the action of boundless love no matter what it may appear as, all can be recognised as offering the deeper embodiment of spirit or awareness of where this is being resisted and thereby the potential to move beyond this resistance.


Each of the transmissions that are received this month focus upon the Water Element as one of the five pure lights or essential energies which give rise to creation. Water is associated with feeling or sensation and the Mirror-like Wisdom which reflects all things equally as they are without prejudice, preference, mental commentary or judgment of any kind and thereby it is this wisdom that acts to bring ultimate resolution to all forms of aversion, avoidance, disassociation and/or deep seated anger and hatred. So it is this element which thereby embodies the essence of what we may term ‘steadfastness’ or the willingness to stand firm and remain grounded within truth even within the presence of that which feels completely un-meet-able, to not disassociate or avoid and thereby to recognise all as the doorway through which what you are is met, to recognise all as reflecting the profound wisdom and compassion of what you are, to recognise the inherent oneness of life – not as a seeming mergence which implies the nature of two or more who are somehow becoming one – but rather as simply the one presence.

Here what can unravel or release are all patterns which distract from Divine flow or which somehow create a pulling back into contraction and habitual conditioned patterns of behaviour as well as all patterns of disassociation from the emotional body which create a numbing to life, what can arise is a meeting with what-so-ever it was perceived could not be felt and in the compassion filled space of that meeting a healing and resolution of this, what can arise is the dissolution and release of all control and defence mechanisms that may exist within relationship to a desire not to feel something and/or to never again feel something – so what can be discovered is the boundless depth of the heart, the boundless depth of the capacity of the heart to hold everything, what can be directly experienced is the essence of the heart and the presence of love where-so-ever previously it could not be felt or was perceived to be absent.


Each of the transmissions that are received this month focus upon the Fire Element as one of the five pure lights or essential energies which give rise to creation. Fire is associated with perception and the Wisdom of Discernment which clearly perceives the true nature of all phenomena and embodies understanding of the purpose with which everything arises – and so it is the wisdom that embraces the perfection of all that is unfolding beyond all conceptual structures of belief within regards to what it may be perceived should or should not be happening and thereby offers the dissolution or release of all forms of attachment, desire or craving for any other form of experience. As the purpose with which all kinds of phenomena arise is understood beyond and form of belief system based within ‘victimhood’ and the question of why is this happening to me? So what can arise is right-action and right-responsibility within relationship to what is here, what can arise is an awakening from out of the identity of ‘victimhood’ not through any form of spiritual bypassing or disassociation – but rather through a direct meeting with this sense of ‘victimhood’ and all associated patterns based within a sense of unfairness, blame or powerlessness and the myriad strategies which may have arisen within order to defend against ever feeling like a ‘victim’ again – such as control and manipulation or the avoidance of certain situations within life.

As everything that arises is perceived as it is, as the action of boundless compassion offering all liberation and awakening to the truth of what IS – so what is embraced and surrendered into is the support to embrace all aspects of life. What begin to unravel are all of the ways in which divinity may have been seen to only exist or reside within certain situations and thereby what becomes evident is the capacity to meet with and recognise the presence of grace within the more challenging aspects of life. To recognise how divinity is present within and revealing itself through everything including what-so-ever may be felt most difficult to embrace such as war, disease and/or poverty – not as simply a concept that embodies the idea that everything is divine and thereby perfect and so can be utilised as a way to spiritually bypass or disassociate from the reality of what is – but rather as a true recognition of the divine perfection of all that is arising, an understanding of how divinity is arising through everything including war, including disease, including poverty. So then there can be ‘right response’ or ‘right action’ within relation to war, within relation to disease, within relation to poverty, a true awakening to divinity through war, through disease, through poverty, an understanding of how can I meet divinity here within the heart of war, the heart of disease, the heart of poverty without disassociating, avoiding, by-passing or entering into fantasy and through such the recognition of how war, disease, poverty and all of the challenging aspects of life can be liberated, how all can be recognised as the doorway through which divinity reveals itself.


Each of the transmissions that are received this month focus upon the Air Element as one of the five pure lights or essential energies which give rise to creation. Air is associated with volition and the Wisdom of Perfected Action or what may otherwise be termed as Right Action and so it is this element which acts to liberate the causal/karmic seed of current circumstance and/or any issue as well as to transform habitual conditioned forms or patterns of behaviour. It is that which unravels the network of impulses and/or primary directives rooted within self-identity or separation consciousness and thereby opens space for action to be informed by what is awake to the true nature of reality – deepening the embodiment of that awake presence through form and the capacity to live from that space of freedom.

It is that which may be seen as what acts to break down the core identity with the past and how it is this identity with the past rooted within incarnational and ancestral patterns of history informs the sense of self-image within this lifetime. So it is that which may be seen as that which supports the emergence or expression of that which is entirely free from any form of history and thereby any pattern of self-image rooted within such, it may be seen as that which unravels the habitual – historic pattern of experience that informs or shapes the course of this current incarnation allowing for the expression of what is fresh and new. Then it may be seen that what you are is not a character within a story, not a person, not a collection of history, what you are is the pure awareness or presence of divinity that entirely permeates through and illuminates all of this.


Each of the transmissions that are received this month focus upon Aether as one of the five pure lights or essential energies which give rise to creation. Aether is associated with consciousness and the wisdom of the Dharmadhatu – the realm of truth within which everything exists as it truly is and thereby it is this wisdom that acts to bring ultimate resolution to fundamental ignorance of the true nature of reality and/or delusion within terms of falsely viewing reality and perceiving it to be other than what it truly is.

As when it is seen that ultimately every story or issue is inherently empty of any person and ultimately every concept of any person is just a story then there can be a true meeting with what is here, a relaxation out of all assumptions about who or what it is perceived that you believe yourself to be, a relaxation out of self-hood and the image of yourself as a separate identity – then what can be realised, integrated, embodied and lived is that which is free from any story, that which transcends any form of identity and any sense of self, that which is simply what you are.

What Will You Receive

♥ Infusions of Divine love that ignite each petal of the heart, liberating the deepest patterns of unresolved memory which are held through all dimensions of the subtle energetic system and that manifest as contraction, fear, withdrawal or isolation, supporting you to be open to and more deeply present in life.

♥ Transmissions of Divine light that awaken you to the reality of your true nature and evolve the subtle energetic system as a vehicle for the expression of that reality within order that you may receive, ground, integrate and hold a greater focus of Divine presence through your body and embody in each moment the essence of what it is to live from the inherent wholeness of who you truly are.

♥ Currents of Divine sound which align your consciousness with the creation of your life in alignment with Divine flow – inviting  grace into every facet of your experience. Offering the opening of a doorway through which ‘right action’ informs what is done – rather than the habitual focus of conditioned behaviour and/or ways of being/doing within the world.

♥ Over the course of the entire year you will be held within the field of Divine Mother’s heart – receiving from her what so ever is required in each moment to optimally support your own unique process within all areas of your life – and so even at those times when you are not receiving the 3 day monthly scheduled transmissions over the course of the year – there is this constant holding and focus of support – which is evolving your subtle energetic system and guiding you to go deeper – to meet with and liberate all that is calling for love, all that is being called to come home.

♥ As well as the monthly scheduled transmissions and the constant focus of Divine Mother’s holding over the course of the year – you will receive a series of energetically encoded art-works which align specifically with the focus of Divine intention to awaken various aspects of the subtle energetic system/dimensions of your consciousness, as well as three teachings that relate to the release of the deepest patterns of unresolved memory held by the masculine-feminine in relation to those past incarnational experiences that occurred through Ancient Egypt, Lemuria and Atlantis.

♥ Within order to complete what has been received over the year and support it to more deeply embody through your consciousness and subtle energetic system – you will also receive a session with Aminya specifically aligned with this purpose and your own unique process.

Payment and Registrations

Aminya, Divine Mother, the angels and archangels invite you to come and be held, bathed, washed, filled by the rivers of boundless love, met by all that you may require to make the shift through your heart into the freedom of your true nature, to walk through life in a new way – liberated from the past and habitual patterns of behaviour – so that you may truly be present to what is here and the precious gift you offer through your uniqueness to all beings – in all worlds.

This twelve month program begins on the New Moon – 28th November 2016

Exchange for the full year program is £450 GBP