Divine Doorways

Expressing Great Mystery these portraits offer a window into recognition of the truth of your essence, non-obscured by the conditions and presumptions of mind. The miracle of the formless appearing as form.

Here in the absolute simplicity of your natural state of being, you are the open-ground in which all arises and dissipates, the non-dual source of limitless creative potential and profound joy. This is what you and all of life truly is. Yet how often do we experience this? How much time do we spend caught in experiencing and acting as if ourselves, others and the world where otherwise? How might we come to permanently recognise, embody and live the truth of this essence in the world, rather than living from out of our conditioned sense of self, or simply temporarily glimpse this deeper truth of what we are but experience ourselves as unable to fully open to it?

Each of the colours, shapes and lines in these portraits provide a focal point from which to enter into mindful inquiry of these questions and go deeper in the discovery of your own boundless nature. Drawn within a deep state of meditative communion with Divine Presence they are encoded with multiple streams of enlightened energy and consciousness, specifically attuned to your own unique process and what is needed by you within order to accelerate your pathway of evolution with ease and grace.

For more information regarding Divine Doorways or to register your interest in having one produced please contact Aminya here.

Example Portraits