Aminya is known for his vast knowledge of the world’s wisdom traditions, clarity, compassion, and refined capacity to guide others into the depth of their being.

Rooted within his own process of deep immersion in the mystery school teachings of ancient Egypt, India and Tibet, as well as extensive training in a wide range of modalities, his work provides an integrated approach to both healing and spiritual awakening that embraces every aspect of our humanity as a gateway into ever greater realisation of our deeper essence, our innate beauty, genius and creativity. Offering you the invitation to step into the presence of a tangible field of unconditional love where you can be fully met without judgment in order that you may explore your potential to live the deeper realisation of who you truly are and dissolve the limiting belief structures and habitual behavioural patterns which may keep you from fully awakening into the freedom and wholeness of your true nature – so that you can live from the profound depth of your essence.

Given this the core focus of intention which lives itself through the work he offers is to be found within the transmutation of human experience from out of karmic consciousness and into the natural order and expression of Divine flow – through which heaven or more simply put home is discovered to exist not as some far off transcendent realm but rather as that which already exists here.

Hence his skills reside in…

♥ Sacred Relationship – releasing patterns of co-dependency, resistance and independency
♥ The transmutation of karmic consciousness – birthing inner freedom
♥ Compassionate Wisdom – the application of right action
♥ Energy Sciences – healing for mind, body and spirit
♥ Awakening the Heart – revealing your true nature
♥ Living from Truth – embodying presence in life
♥ Integration – full spectrum living

Regarding awakening as a continually deepening process with no fixed end point, Aminya continues to deepen within the realisation of realities true nature, study the scriptures, take retreats and sit within the presence of those who have awakened to the truth of boundless love, further igniting the deepest prayer of his heart – to live a truly authentic life that is of benefit to all beings and future generations.

If you feel a resonance with this work, take a look at Transmissions/Courses or book in order to reserve a Personal Session as a starting point from which to go deeper.