Born and raised in London, a keen interest in the esoteric, complimentary therapies, and energetic forms of healing has accompanied Aminya for as long as he can recall, leading him in his early and late teenage years to study various healing modalities as a system of support to further his own process of inner growth and gently guide others through the challenges on their path. Over many years of offering this kind of assistance to both individuals and groups all over the world a profound focus of relationship with the Divine began to develop and in his early thirties opened into the establishment of a new course of direction for his work within the form of Awakening Heart.

This awakening of the heart or what could otherwise be termed an awakening from out of the stories, beliefs, and patterns of conditioning that veil or obscure your own natural state of being now forming a core element of what it is that Aminya offers within the form of his courses, individual and group sessions. Supporting you to step forward into what it is your heart is calling you toward, to not simply ‘survive life’ but to truly thrive in celebration of your essence and your calling, your yes to life and the vision that is wishing to birth itself through you.

Passionate regarding supporting those who are guided to work with him in this way – Aminya combines over twenty years experience  of the world’s wisdom traditions and healing practices with a deeply intuitive nature and capacity to respond to what is required in each moment, seamlessly blending together the application of learnt skills rooted within a life-time of study with the unfolding mystery and Divine intelligence that guides all he offers. As due to this he has often been described as both scientist and mystic, bridging the depths of where it is we discover the deeper truth of who we truly are and all of what that entails into grounded applications that have the capacity to transform our experience of life, in a manner that leads to the realisation of what it is to live from an awakened heart. A way of living that calls us to step into embodying what it is to truly love, to live with wisdom and to act from truth. Recognising that it is living within this way is ultimately the key to genuine fulfilment, happiness and well-being, as such impacts upon all aspects of our mental, emotional and psychological health – subsequently also effecting the subtle energetic system and physical body.

Any type of meeting with Aminya thereby invites you to discover what is revealed when the heart opens and you are touched by the source of all love, when for a timeless moment the story or image of yourself, life and/or others you may hold falls away and something deeper emerges, a clarity, a wisdom, an understanding or realisation that cannot be encapsulated or grasped by the mind, an awakening to your true nature.

Regarding the embodiment of truth as a continual process with no fixed end point, Aminya continues to deepen within the realisation of realities true nature, study the scriptures, take retreats and sit within the presence of those who have awakened, further igniting the deepest prayer of his heart – to live a truly authentic life that is of benefit to all beings and future generations.

If you feel a resonance with this work, take a look at Transmissions/Courses or book in order to reserve a Personal Session as a starting point from which to go deeper.