With over twenty years experience of the world’s wisdom traditions and meditative practices, ranging from the highest level Tibetan Buddhist teachings on the true nature of reality, Reiki, Sekhem, VortexHealing, ancient egyptian mystery school traditions, shamanic practices and homeopathy, to cutting edge research into the quantum field, mindfulness, deep compassionate listening and focused inquiry into the resolution of suffering, Aminya offers a comprehensive system of support for your process of inner transformation so that you may awaken to the realisation of deep peace, health, joy, prosperity and fulfilment within all areas of life.


Support for resolution of mental and emotional issues, such as fear, guilt, rejection, co-dependence or depression, etc, offering you the opportunity to directly experience life with much greater freedom, depth of intimacy, clarity and connection.


Support for the healing of injury and dis-ease, as well as for opening into deep depth of pleasure and what it means to be fully embodied or present in life, grounded, anchored and in total alignment with the deepest longing or truth of the heart.


Support for the process of energetic evolution and awakening into direct knowing of your true nature as well as what becomes available to be shared in the world as the result of your embodiment of that realisation..


The practical application of these offerings and their capacity to support you in achieving what it is you truly desire within the very core of your being are limitless in number, as they embrace every aspect of human experience and invite you to discover how you can truly live a rich life, that not only fulfils your passion, and longing to live a deeply authentic life, but also a life that is of benefit to all beings and future generations.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve in the process of your unfolding journey…