Specifically designed within order to support you to open into the realisation of your innermost essence and to birth the expression of that into every area of your life what is shared through the sessions Aminya offers is the opportunity to receive guidance and energetic support to compassionately meet with, forgive, let go, resolve and awaken from out of the stories, beliefs, and patterns of conditioning that hold you apart from your own natural state of being, within order that you can truly thrive and open into the realisation of what it is to live from an awakened heart. A way of living that calls you to step into embodying what it is to truly love, to live with wisdom and to act from truth.

Imagine then for a moment how it would be for you to live in this way, to be free to express all the profound richness and creativity of your heart, to feel the child-like wonder and magic of what it is simply to be alive, to have more energy, feel more balanced and at peace, have clarity and a sense of empowerment within the focus of your direction in life, to not struggle, but rather to truly experience what it is to be in alignment with the flow and thereby experience a greater sense of ease and grace in each and every moment.

Every session Aminya offers is specifically tailored to your own unique needs within order to support you to step into living that. As they serve to unravel the experience of separation from your true nature, the false structures of identity, patterns of conditioning, programs, attitudes and behaviours that have been adopted as a means of navigating through life, surviving, and having your needs met, opening you back into your natural natural state of wholeness, emotional balance and energetic strength within order that you can truly thrive. This return to wholeness being the deepest possible movement of healing that can occur as it addresses the fundamental cause of pain and suffering, offering you the opportunity to step into freedom and what it means to live from the truth of your essence.

How does it work?

Every session with Aminya holistically supports the clearing, purification, balance and harmonisation of all aspects of the subtle energetic system, psyche and body-mind, addressing the fundamental cause of any issue and its manifestation through-out every level of the system as a whole, through this focus upon a return to wholeness, within order that you can begin to operate in life from a place of deeper alignment with your core-essence or true nature.

Everyone of us at our core have this essence, this brilliance or radiance, over lifetimes of experience, the experiences of childhood and those of of our ancestors carried through the genetic line have however obscured or veiled this radiance and so rather than living from it we tend to live from out of a limited, small version of who or what it is we have been conditioned to believe ourselves to be.

Clearing this conditioning within order that we can begin to realise a greater depth of our true nature then frees us from the self-limiting stories and beliefs that we have been habitually acting from within our lives and gets us in touch with our essence, restoring emotional balance as well as strengthening the subtle energetic system and subsequently the physical body.

All of this naturally then impacts on the fundamental quality of our lives, leading us to be more joyful, creative, healthy, vibrant, clear and empowered, as when we are in alignment with the truth of who we are we flow effortlessly with life, let go of struggle or resistance and are able to consciously meet whatever situation or circumstance we may find ourselves in from a place of wisdom and right action.

Making the decision to receive a session with Aminya either within the form of a personal one-to-one session, a group healing session or to receive one of the healing programmes that have been designed to address key areas of your life and the energetic system is thereby a profound way to support you to step into greater freedom and flow, health and well-being, as well as to feel clear and empowered within the focus of the realisation of your goals in life and what your heart is truly wishing to express in alignment with the truth of your essence.

How can healing benefit me?

At the root of all holistic healing arts is the focus of intention to support a return to the natural state of wholeness that is our essence or true nature. Opening you to the possibility of living your life with greater freedom, health, peace and well being, by releasing the patterns of emotional conditioning, energetic blockages and negative beliefs patterns which veil or otherwise somehow obscure the fullness of your Heart and its expression.

This awakening of the Heart is fundamental to all of the work Aminya shares within each of his sessions and manifests itself within several ways….

Restoring balance, harmonising, clearing and strengthening the energy system…

Living with the daily circumstances of life can greatly stress our well being, emotional, psychological and physical health deeply impacting the quality of our energy, leaving us susceptible to dis-ease and a lack of motivation, tiredness, fatigue and bodily tension. Releasing this stress and its impact on the subtle energetic system can thereby be very nurturing, energising and restorative in nature, bringing us into a place of much greater harmony and ease from which we are better able to be present with and respond to the circumstances of our lives.

Imagine for a moment how it is that you react in life when it is you feel stressed, tense, tired or out of balance and how differently you would act if instead you felt energised, nurtured, held, supported and empowered, felt a focus of clarity, well-being and connection with your essence. Having a clear, balanced and harmonious energetic system can support you in this way, think of it as the difference between living within a messy, chaotic environment or a comfortable, warm and inviting space, simply put a balanced energy system is a much more pleasurable and peace-filled space to live within and act in the world from. Healing can support this kind of internal balance, peace and harmony, providing you with a clear and solid foundation from which to be present in the world.

Embracing life – deepening our capacity to be present…

Living from the space of a clear, balanced and harmonised energetic system provides us with a solid foundation from which to be more deeply present in the world as we find ourselves more readily able to meet with and respond with wisdom rather than habitual reactivity to the circumstances of life. As it is we feel balanced within, grounded and rooted, held and supported, whilst simultaneously open to receive the energy, guidance and inspiration of the Divine so whatever situation we may find ourselves within we are more readily able to come from clarity and what is true within our Heart rather than to feel ourselves pulled into drama and lose connection to our core.

This also having a depth of impact in terms of any kind of inner process work that we may do through the deeper aspects of healing work, as with any kind of deep clearance of our inner patterns of conditioning our systems require a certain level of energetic processing in order to integrate the internal shift within our energy and consciousness that has taken place. With a healthy, balanced and harmonious energy system this is relatively easy, but if the energy system is weak, stressed, tired, fatigued or under-nourished, processing this kind of internal shift can be more challenging and we may struggle with fully processing and integrating any kind of deep release which has taken place. Focusing upon clearing, strengthening, balancing and harmonising the energy system, thereby supports us to not only be more deeply present which is within itself deeply healing as we are able to more actively engage with, face and see each of our issues and the circumstances of our lives for what they truly are, but also to process the kind of deep inner work that is involved within coming back into our natural state of wholeness, health and well-being.

Opening the heart to Heart – Transforming the internal landscape….

The depth of presence that this type of healing supports you to open to – which could also be called a depth of unconditional love for all parts of you that do not as yet recognise the truth of their wholeness has the power to:-

• Release the impact of trauma and other forms of emotional disturbance from your energy system thereby supporting you to enter into deeper intimacy, connection and heart-focused relationship

• Bring awareness to and clear the habitual patterns of conditioned behaviour from which you sub-consciously or unconsciously operate within life, your thought programs, beliefs, stories and attitudes about yourself and others

• Clear the underlying core energetic mechanisms and supports which hold each of your issues in place on all dimensional levels and through-out all aspects of the psyche, subtle energetic system and body-mind

• Assist you to open into a recognition of your natural state of wholeness, your core-essence or true nature and to live in the world from an embodied place of that recognition

As it is that we find the process of healing opening our heart to what is real and true so we then discover a greater depth of freedom in relation to what may have previously challenged us, our perceived limitations and faults and what we experience as being the obstacles within our lives. Somehow we find that they no longer have the same kind of hold on us that they use to and we begin to experience a greater depth of inner space around our emotional positions and attitudes towards life. Through a continued dedicated process of inner work, we  come to experience that what we had previously experienced as obscuring our true nature falls away and that we are able to begin to live from a totally new space of inner freedom, to take a new direction in life that is not bound by our past, beliefs, concepts, self-image or stories, a path that is more deeply aligned with our essence and the beauty of our Heart. In this way healing opening us to discover a greater depth of our potential to live fully and wholly.

Support for Physical Ailments and Health Concerns

From a holistic viewpoint, many health issues can have their roots within or otherwise be impacted in some way by our emotional, psychological and energetic patterning as well as the subsequent manifestation of internal imbalance, blockage and disharmony. Releasing this patterning and supporting the system as a whole to come back into its natural state of balance or core-alignment can with the addition of conventionally recognised medical treatment then be a great support to your process of healing.

What to expect from a typical session?

When travelling or teaching occasionally Aminya is available for in-person sessions, however most of the healing sessions he offers are conducted via distance (over the phone or Skype). Both formats are equally powerful as the nature of the healing energies Aminya works with means that distance is no obstacle to the depth of healing that can occur within either type of session.

In-Person Sessions

In-person sessions are usually only available when Aminya is travelling or teaching however if you would like to receive one as an alternative to a distance session please contact him within order to inquire about the possibility of doing so. All treatments are performed fully clothed and may involve gentle touch at various points of the body such as the head, shoulders, ankles or feet.

Distance Sessions

Distance sessions are usually held online (via Skype), or over the phone, allowing you to receive the session within the comfort of your own home. Having a live connection allows us to communicate in real-time and discuss anything that may be occurring for you as the session unfolds. 

Alternatively for those who may prefer to do so there is also the option of receiving a distance session with out any verbal contact during the session at all. This option is usually preferable in the case of people who may like to meditate undisturbed during sessions as they find this allows them to actively engage with the process in a deeper way. Following the session there is then the option to connect within order to discuss what took place and ask any questions.

Initial Consultation

All treatments are conducted within a safe, loving space of acceptance in which you can feel met exactly as you are, heard, seen and acknowledged. As even the simple action of receiving love, being compassionately held and acknowledged, witnessed, seen and heard within the space of the more challenging aspects and circumstances of life can be deeply healing. As those aspects of the psyche which may feel they have been abandoned, ignored, rejected or forsaken in some way are given a voice and lovingly welcomed, so the entire system can relax, let go of contraction and where it may have become stuck in the past, unable to let go and move on – into the life that is wanting to be lived. 

Every session will be entirely unique to your own particular needs or circumstances at a given time but there is a certain frame-work to each session that offers a focused space of holding and support in which you can let go and receive the healing in the most ease and grace filled fashion. Commencing each session you will be encouraged to express what it is you are wishing to transform within your life, what is it that you want to step into or achieve, where it is you may find yourself challenged or unable to move forward, or very simply even just to name an issue that is currently of concern to you, then Aminya will compassionately guide you into a gentle and open-hearted exploration of what you have expressed in order that you can gain further insight and clarity around such. Usually this will take the form of a single word that you can consider as being the ‘distilled essence’ of the intention that you have brought to a session. This ‘word’ then being then used as a kind of ‘doorway’ through which the various different energies or healing tools which Aminya works with enter into your consciousness and body-mind, directly pin-pointing the core of what it is you wish to address within your life.

Working with your subtle energetic system

Having come to a point of clarity in relation to the core or root of what it is that you wish to address within a session, we then move into the next phase which involves a deeper focus of working with you on an energetic level to balance your system as a whole within order to fulfil your intention for the healing.

This starts with a gentle heart connection which actively engages  your energy system and invites it to soften, melt, open, relax and receive the healing in the highest potential manner and then moves into you receiving various different streams of energy through specific areas of your body which gently yet potently work to restore balance and resolve what is holding the issues you have identified as a focus for the healing within place. This phase of the session is usually very fluid as I am in a constant focus of active engagement with your energy system, observing what is taking place and responding to the needs of the session as they arise.

Occasionally various psycho-energetic methodologies will also be incorporated into a session if it is felt that these would be of benefit and are appropriate to your specific needs and intention for healing. These may include techniques such as inner journeying, communicating with various aspects of the psyche such as the inner child, masculine or feminine spirit, etc, facilitated intention alignment and so on. The combination of these various different methodologies with the addition of channelled energetic healing support opening what can take place during a session to an even greater profound depth of potential for inner transformation.

Heart connection

Throughout the entirety of the duration of the session I am consciously actively engaged with your energy system, gently observing what is taking place in terms of how the various healing energies are being received by your system as a whole, where they are flowing, what they are doing and what is being worked on. This enables me to clearly express what is taking place with you on an energetic level as I observe it unfolding, which may involve:-

• Observing areas of energetic imbalance, weakness or blockage within various areas of the energy system and what these relate to, their cause and how this may also impact other areas of your system or life.

• Recognising sub-conscious and unconscious patterns that are playing out which you may not have a conscious awareness of which by bringing your awareness to allows for the potential of transformation and change within those areas of your life where these patterns had previously been influencing your actions and responses to the circumstances of your life.

• Seeing into the past or present life root of an issue and how this may currently be affecting your energy system as well as how this is currently playing out within your life.

• Noticing how it is that the various aspects of your psyche relate to a particular issue within your life and how it is these aspects inter-act or communicate with one another – supporting you to balance your masculine (mind) and feminine (emotional) energy within order that you are guided by clarity rather than being pulled into emotional reactivity or your beliefs and story around a certain issue or circumstance within your life.

Having this depth of awareness of what is taking place then also enables me to channel the various different healing energies into your system in a deeper way as this kind of awareness acts as a focus or bridge for the healing energies to flow through, providing you with what is a more profound healing than would be available without this kind of awareness. Further-more sharing what I observe also offers you a greater insight into and active focus of engagement with your own healing process, helping you to connect with your own inner wisdom and to recognise that you are not simply a passive participant but that rather you are empowered within your understanding of your issues in life, how to compassionately meet with and resolve them, as well as opens the space for us to dialogue in terms of any questions you may have at any point about what is occurring for you during a session.

Following a session

Following a session, it is common that you may experience a deep sense of inner peace, harmony, balance and relaxation. In addition to this, the release created in the session may continue to be felt by you after the session itself. This is due to your body and energy system fully integrating and processing what has been cleared.

Dependent upon the fluidity and strength of your energy system this can manifest itself within various different ways and may take anywhere between a couple of hours to a few days. This is a completely natural aspect of the process and most people experience this aspect of the process as very deep in terms of bringing to light new levels of insight into what they have chosen to work on.

At the end of any session, there is also always some time to share anything that feels important for you, to ask any questions you may have, and for me to give you any feed-back that I feel would be helpful and of relevance to your on-going process of healing. If desired, I can also provide you with a variety of useful and simple exercises that are uniquely suited to the needs of your energy system that you can practice at home within order to deepen and further integrate the healing as well as gently strengthen your energy system.

Common experiences

Following a healing, it is common that people report:

• Feeling deeply relaxed and simultaneously vitalised, energised, more present and grounded.

• Receiving deep insight into their personal issues, how to meet with and resolve them.

• Feeling more deeply empowered and having a greater depth of clarity in regards to their goals and how to accomplish them.

• Noticing an increased sense of lightness, joy, inner freedom and connection with their heart, essence or authentic self.

What you may experience

People’s experience of receiving energy work can vary from day to day, session to session, moment to moment and is dependent on a variety of different factors including but not limited to their level of natural energetic sensitivity, the strength and fluidity of their energy system, and level of focus during a session.

Sometimes you may experience a very clear sense of what is taking place and find it very easy to follow the flow of energy as it moves through your system as well as what it is working on, feel old emotions rise to the surface and release, various energetic sensations moving through your body, see old memories as pictures in your consciousness, colours, shapes, geometric forms or higher dimensional beings such as angels working with you, and other times you may experience very little or seemingly nothing at all.

Usually it is most likely that your experience will fall somewhere between these two ends of the spectrum and fortunately the depth of any healing is not dependent upon your level of energetic sensitivity.

Which modalities are used in a session?

With over twenty years experience of the world’s wisdom traditions and meditative practices, ranging from the highest level Tibetan Buddhist teachings on the true nature of reality, Reiki, Sekhem, VortexHealing®, ancient egyptian mystery school traditions, the healing sciences of sound, shamanic practices and homeopathy, to cutting edge research into the quantum field, mindfulness, deep compassionate listening and focused inquiry into the alleviation/resolution of suffering, Aminya offers a comprehensive system of support for your process of inner transformation which blends together specific aspects of each of these modalities in the most optimal fashion to serve the unique needs of each individual.

Details of the primary modalities that are usually utilised are listed below within order to offer you a deeper understanding of their individual qualities and potential applications….

Awakening Heart

Aminya is the current Lineage-Holder of this holistic healing system and awakening path. Courses within this particular modality are regularly held and further details can be found through this link….

Gifted through the grace of the Divine Mother, Awakening Heart is a gentle yet powerful holistic healing system that utilises divine energy and consciousness to impact all levels of the subtle energetic system, body-mind and psyche, supporting you to awaken from out of the limiting beliefs, feelings and behaviours which obscure the full expression of your essence and which are the source of pain and suffering in your life.

This dropping away of the structures through which you had viewed yourself, life and others, leading not only to greater mental, emotional, energetic and physical well-being, but also unveiling the deeper reality of your heart’s essential nature, facilitating a re-alignment with Divine Flow and the potential of new possibilities that express the fullness of your true nature. As in awakening from out of the illusion of separation from Divinity, from life, from other, and the world, you can experience a true depth of intimacy, connection, oneness and love, that transcends any concept, and can come home to what has always truly been wished for, sort and searched for, the Heart.

Divine Mother’s promise being that this healing modality would awaken the heart and reveal the essence of our true nature, releasing that which obscures or somehow otherwise veils it, so that we can act from what is real, honest, free and true, truly live in alignment with Heart and subsequently realise greater joy, health, genuine fulfilment and peace in our lives.


Aminya has trained to the highest level within this healing modality (Manifesting Intention)

VortexHealing® is a powerful, holistic system of energetic healing which works solely with divine light and consciousness that derives its name from a particular divine energy-vortex that is brought into manifestation in the heart, which becomes a vehicle for divine presence to manifest healing and transformation. This enables VortexHealing® to perform extraordinary healing on the physical and emotional level as well as to release the deepest karmic issues we hold as human beings, whilst simultaneously bridging us ever deeper into alignment with the Divine and our True Nature.

“VortexHealing®” is a registered service mark of Ric Weinman. All rights reserved. Used here with permission. 


Reiki is a traditional form of hands on healing. Aminya has trained in both the traditional Usui system and many different forms of Reiki, including Karuna Reiki, Shambhalla, Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki, Anubis Reiki, and more. In essence, Reiki is a form of universal life-force energy. Through channelling this energy it is possible to revitalise the energy system and bring about a greater depth of balance, peace, harmony and relaxation, relieving tension patterns and alleviating the stress of emotional issues, as well as to calm the mind within order that life can be met with greater clarity.  Clients often report that this energy feels very gentle, warm, supportive and nourishing, and appreciate the capacity it has to support them to feel more relaxed, centred, balanced and aligned.

Divine Voice

Rooted within the application of sound harmonics or mantra and how these express the divine energy and consciousness of various divine presences as well as communicate information in resonance with specific aspects of the subtle energetic system, psyche and body-mind – Divine Voice draws upon traditional wisdom from many different cultures that have utilised sound within their ceremonial and healing practices as well as modern research into the applications of sound and how such inter-acts with consciousness, the brain and the body-mind, etc. The impact that various forms of music can have on our mood and emotional state is plain to see, Divine Voice takes the focus of this impact to a whole new level as it accesses the divine energy and consciousness of the AUM, which has been described in ancient traditions as the original sound of creation and utilises this to bring healing on all levels.

Psycho-Energetic Healing Techniques

Where-so-ever it may feel relevant and appropriate to do so as an extra focus of support for your process, various different forms of psycho-energetic work are sometimes also incorporated into a healing session. These may include communicating with various aspects of the psyche such as the inner child and masculine and feminine spirit through inner journey work, facilitated intention alignment, gentle forms of soul retrieval, inner shadow, sub-conscious or unconscious work, and so on. Combining these kind of approaches with channelled energy work can often be quite remarkable and yield results which lead to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

One to One Sessions

One to one Sessions offer you the space to deeply examine what it is that you wish to address in a healing treatment with Aminya in a focused manner that is uniquely tailored to your own individual and specific needs, giving you the opportunity to pin-point exactly what it is that may be causing you concern within your life and to receive guidance and support to resolve the issues that are impacting your health, happiness, clarity, and well-being… read more

Group Sessions

Aminya regularly offers group healing sessions covering a broad variety of subject matters such as love, relationship, sexuality, money and abundance, family or inter-personal dynamics, strengthening, balancing and harmonising various aspects of the energetic system, the chakras, organs and systems of the body such as the brain and nervous system, awakening, grounding, intimacy, and the deeper experience of your true nature, etc… read more

Healing Programmes

Aminya offers a series of healing programmes within the form of a series of guided meditations that you can listen to within the comfort of your own home. Each of these recordings carry a transmission of divine energy and consciousness which powerfully balances, harmonises and evolves your energy system in accordance with the specific intention of the programme and these programmes can be repeated, each time taking the healing deeper… coming soon


I have received sessions from Aminya many times in my past and have been profoundly transformed in so many more ways beyond what I had imagined was possible.  There is no set way that Aminya works, he fluidly moves between all the layers of creation, healing, communicating and resolving all and any distortions. I whole heartily recommend Aminya and would imagine that any session with him would leave you speechless and spellbound.  His gifts are literally out of this world!

Anaiya Sophia – Author and Contemporary Spiritual Teacher

Aminya’s work is excellent. His work has profoundly supported me many times. I very much appreciate his exquisite integration of deep sensitivity and welcoming with a laser clarity and very powerful grounding.

Stephen Morallee – Artist and Creative Mentor

Aminya knows me in the purest sense of my being and in the darkest of my being as well. I am no different to him in whatever form or veils or mask I decide to hide behind. He is loving and compassionate, clear and precise of what is there for me to transform. It is an environment of grace, love and honour/respect in which anyone that comes to him feels held no matter what their story is about. I cannot express enough gratitude for all that he has helped me with  – just no words only love and gratitude.

Brigitta Santa

Aminya introduced me to me to truth of who I AM, and for this I Am eternally grateful!

I have been consciously and diligently clearing out old patterning for 5 years now but had not been able to fully illuminate all that was holding me back from my happiness and freedom.

Since participating in Aminya’s sessions I have finally been able to release suppressed duality, shame and fears that were causing me so much pain and frustration in my relationships with God, myself and others. I have awakened to my Divine True Nature and to the beautiful gifts that Source holds within me, not only as a mental concept or belief but as a deeply lived embodied experience. Aminya was able to reveal to me patterns that were hidden deep within and then to support me to transform them into my natural blueprint of Pure Light, Love and Oneness. Aminya’s work is deeply anchored in Love. I have become wholly integrated and no longer have the desire to hide, deny or suppress the beauty of who I truly Am. I Am able to be fully present with my entire being at any given moment in any given situation. I now fully embrace and allow this “Mystical Dance of life” as my experience – I Am becoming fluid! I no longer fear aspects of myself that I do not understand for I know they are Golden and are continually being revealed to me.

Aminya is both powerful and gentle in nature.

Eternally appreciative, Almitra